Sunday, July 16, 2017

Still young still fun!

So that was last week.  I did tech, dress and performances, worked at Steps four days in a row, worked at ASG every day, babysat, took classes when I could and just about every day saw me leaving the house at 7.30 and coming home at 10 or 11.

All of which meant that when Saturday evening rolled around and I finished up my cafe shift at Steps at 6.30 and made my way to the Village to settle into my dog sitting digs (me and Maverick for the week, yay!) I felt compelled to revel in an evening free of commitments, completely's almost overwhelming when that happens, so unaccustomed am I these days!

I made plans to have dinner with a friend in Brooklyn in my old beloved neighbourhood and I spent a leisurely time enjoying the space and sunlight bestowed upon me by the dog sitting gig before going to Mayfield where we ordered a series of small plates so we could have lots of options and avoid indecisiveness - mushroom ravioli in cream sage sauce, French fries, collard greens with bacon, fried oysters, spoonbread (I had never had spoonbread, I have now had it and oh. my. goodness - it's a very soft corn based bread that almost feels like you're eating some kind of flan but with the mealiness of semolina, absolutely delicious) and had a great catch up.  It was amazing to feel for the first time in weeks that I am in fact a 20 something and I can wear nice clothes and go to nice places and enjoy the nice things in life without needing to worry or feel guilty about something.  I truly earned rich food and a charming setting (we ate outside on a small greenery-decked back patio).

From there I went back to Manhattan now to the Lower East Side to join the housewarming party of my friend Connie.  Connie is a fantastic Oxfordshire transplant who I met in April when she performed in the Peter Shaffer Memorial that Sam and FTP put together - I don't remember now who it was that brought her in for that but I'm so glad they did because she's an excellent new friend.  Nice to meet someone from a home county and not London.  Apart from being a very gifted actor and singer she's great company.  We clicked the first time we met and haven't managed to hang out since so we pretty much had our own party for the night.  She'd also come to see my first night of Dickless preview and was very kind and supportive re: that.  Once again, a house party full of people my own age is an unfamiliar setting nowadays and this one had all the bells and whistles: cup sport-based drinking games, vodka jelly, endless supply of beers and spirits, crisps, someone who overindulged and threw up, extra guests in the form of upstairs neighbours who the hostesses had never met before and people sneaking into someone's bedroom to smoke plants.  Like, if you're going to have a house party might as well tick all the boxes, right?
I got there at 12.30, and at 4am (after the sick person had been dispatched in a taxi with another, slightly less sick person) we headed to a bar that shall remain nameless because it's known for having the odd lock in.  No details but I eventually walked back into the dog sitting apartment at 6am, ordered some carb-heavy breakfast foods from a cheap corner store that delivered, scarfed them down in three bites and conked out for four hours.  No hangover to speak of - it's not the drinking that I enjoy about revealing in my 20-somethingness, it's just the being there and celebrating the moment and seeing the wrong side of a sunrise for the first time in a couple of years.  Brilliant time with a new friend, a well-deserved night of cutting loose and to top it off an absolutely blissful New York day.  They come along once in a while, the kind of day touched by magic that makes you feel like the protagonist of a beautiful film or charming book.
Glorious blue sky, a walk with Maverick, a nice languid start to the day and even managed to get some things done like emails and laundry.  Then a visit to Lauren at work, Tea and Sympathy, where I knew I'd be able to get some nosh and a coffee - chef Miguel indulged me with a Welsh rarebit and Lauren and I caught up from the two days its been since we saw each other last.  She also thinking and moving a bit slow today as she celebrated her final show by going to a party on a boat - rocking boat combined with a glass too many of wine, picture at your own risk. After setting the world to rights for a bit with Lauren and Tash the other girl working today, went and lay down on the grass in the nearest park for an hour's snooze (covered in suncream natch) and on the neighboring patch of grass in a deckchair was John Cameron Mitchell reading a book.  He's the creator of the recent Broadway hit formerly a cult movie/musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  V. cool.
After a bit of shut eye, a walk to my current favourite purveyors of ice cream La Newyorkina, Mexican style and flavours such as horchata (cinnamony rice-based drink), cajeta (goat's milk caramel), cactus pineapple and coconut lime.  Eating my ice cream as I went, strolled my way through sunny streets back to Maverick and took him for his evening walk before prepping for the thing I've been waiting for since last spring - the return of GAME OF THROOOOONES
Fellow GoT nerd friends and I have had our tin foil hats on theorising and speculating all week (which is half the fun of the show honestly) and I curled up with some snacks, a Mav and my phone on silent for an hour of thrills and chills.
Perfect end to a perfect day - and I will sleep WELL tonight, I guaranzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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