Sunday, July 16, 2017

Gun Show

Some snaps from Dickless previews at East to Edinburgh.
Phew! We did it.

I went up on Tuesday and Thursday, Lauren on Wednesday and Saturday.  I preferred my Tuesday to my Thursday but overall happy with how both of them went, especially considering some weird circumstances (old people nodding off, people being incredibly rude and loud - we break the fourth wall so not just audience looking at us, we are looking at them, difference is we didn't pay to look at them whereas they did pay to look at us so you'd think they'd try to do it properly!) and doing both my nights on the back of a looong day.  I had a blast.  As with all performances but especially performances that utilise direct address and fourth wall breaking, you can truly never get a real handle on it until you do it for a full house of strangers - that's when the adrenaline pumps, you have people to tell your story to and you discover new things by really living in the story you're telling, because the stakes are higher now that there are people who need to understand it.  The feeling of being so fully immersed in a role that you do new stuff you never did it rehearsal as an instinct of the character rather than of you - that's a pretty spectacular sensation.
It was well received by most people as far as I can tell and I had a pretty full audience both nights, the strangest part being that there were so many strangers - I'm so used to audiences made up mostly of my friends!

It was a stressful and exhausting week but satisfying and triumphant. I am glad now to be able to take a deep breath and relax a bit.  We will be having a couple of rehearsals between now and Edinburgh and some when we get there to re-set in a new space.  

A frequent FTP photographer got some good snaps of us in dress rehearsal, most of which certainly captured the intensity of the play.  It's a raucous ride. And its no wonder I lost my voice two weeks ago! Surprise breakout star of the show was apparently my arms as at least five times in the past week people have commented on them, some specifically in reference to the show and a couple just randomly out in the world - I think I've maybe been doing stress-induced sleep press ups? Either way, POW POW GUN SHOW

So that's the past week, I'm very proud of myself Lauren and Jamie for our work and very grateful to the rest of the team who did everything else required to put it together.  

L-R Virginia producer, Downie co-star, Stacy lighting and sound booth technician and warm up/vocal/diction coach, Jamie director, Myself, Aisha playwright

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