Friday, July 21, 2017

All things considered

This morning I was walking to the train and a guy skateboarded into me.  I took a step back and felt someone crash into me then saw him stumbling over and a skateboard shot past my feet.  He was behind me and should definitely have been far enough away in the first place that I could take a step and not get hit.  Naturally I apologised profusely to him and asked if he was ok then as I walked away
I thought 'wait...he was behind me...he could see me...he skateboarded smack into me...'

At Steps things were a little wacky.  The guy who was supposed to take over from me at the front desk at 12.30 didn't show up so I was still ringing people into class at 1.  Managers let me sign out even though it was the middle of a big rush (because I had two shifts today so I needed the time) so everyone else had to stretch themselves thin.  That guy should have showed up on time.

I managed to rush my way into a theatre jazz class (arriving late at 1.15pm due to aforementioned late arriver) and was feeling good but half way through one of the times my group danced the routine, my knee tweaked and there were shooting pains and it couldn't bear weight.  I stepped out and sat down, someone brought me ice, I stayed in the room watching for the final 10 minutes of class.  I hobbled out and the other Work Study girls were very kind and sweet.  I sat with more ice for a while then returned to the front desk for my second shift of the day.

Someone was late again, not for me this time thankfully but it made everything generally crazed and confusing for a while.  We had a lull - Friday afternoons/evenings are slow.  A lady called at 7.15 who turned out to be someone infamous at Steps, banned in fact from taking classes, because she is possibly mentally ill and always extremely abrasive and venomous to staff, faculty and management. She calls almost every day and demands to be allowed to speak to the owners (they're not here, it's 7.15 on a Friday).  She called my friend Madelyn, who had to deal with her on the phone, incompetent.  Very unpleasant.

I had to skip the second class I planned to take today because I was afraid of my knee screwing out again.  It feels fine to walk on and it can comfortably take all my weight.  It was tap with one of my favourite teachers and someone of my favourite frequent classmates, and I had to sign them all in and answer 'not today' when they said 'are you taking class?'

For such a sad list of things, I feel pretty great - tired, and cautious, but I spent 12 hours in my happy place today and now I'm chilling with Game of Thrones and a dopey retriever in another happy place so...that's alright! Huge love to all my lovesxxxxxxxxx

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