Saturday, June 24, 2017

You Are.

Today during class, in between exercises, Ray Hesselink said to me (and he pointed to me and looked me right in the eye and it came from the blue) 'You are a beautiful performer, you can see that you have so many different styles in your body'
and I honestly almost cried.

Then someone from the front desk came to take the register of who was in the class today, and when they called me I said 'here' beaming all over my face and I caught his eye and he gave me a little wink.

I can float on that for what feels like forever.

I really needed to catch a break this week, and I'm truly delighted by this small piece of recognition, and I am proud of myself and I absolutely deserve to be.  I work very hard and I try to do right by everyone, and I don't give up.  So, thanks be to Ray, it truly meant a lot to hear that and I feel great after a long and tough week.

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