Monday, May 22, 2017

West Coast

Well.  I did all sorts, recently.  I suppose I always do all sorts...the baseline stuff remains pretty consistent but around that I don't even know what's going on most of the time.  Which is good cos otherwise I'd have precious little to blog about.  Any who.  I will go back in time cos actually I have a couple of pre-trip things to detail.

On April 10th three of the FTP ladies Allie, Val and Virginia put together a fundraising evening for Planned Parenthood, where they secured a lovely venue, donations of food and drinks and a host of female singers and singer songwriters to perform.  Among the performers were almost all the women in Fundamental Theatre Project plus several fantastic singer songwriters sourced from open mics around the city, several from other countries, and of course my self.  I enlisted a new and good friend Brendan, who was the musical director of Freaks Don't Cry, to play piano for me and I sang three songs.  I chose 'You've Got a Friend' by Carole King because of its uplifting message and its place at the beginning of the career of one of the world's biggest selling female artists of all time.  I also sang 'Mary Jane' by Alanis Morrisette.  She is one of the greatest artistic descendants of the confessional female artists of the 60s that we've ever had so there's a nice through line traight to her from the protest folk-rock singers.  Also because this less-known song from her seminal album Jagged Little Pill has a strong message of empowerment and was apt for the evening (the best line is 'all that matters Mary Jane is your freedom').  Finally I sang an original song that doesn't really have a name yet but it's a wordy pissed off kind of song that Brendan really co-wrote in the end because he made it much more musical and injected some soul.  It was really fun to work with an excellent musician, I haven't had the chance to do that in any forum other than musical theatre for a really long time and I felt extremely at home singing rock and pop in an open, multi-genre forum.  Also half the people I'm in a theatre company with had no idea I sing so, nice to get that out of the way.  Also free cupcakes and lobster rolls...YUM.

So that's what that was all about.

Now, California here I come!

- Needed a break and some sun
- Had a couple of LA dwelling friends due a visit
- Had a Thee moving to San Francisco for 6 months arriving on April 25th
- Turning 27, deserving of unique celebration!
- If not now when?

And so I flew out of LaGuardia to Los Angeles, via Dallas, on the 20th.  I was lucky enough to be able to stay with a friend who lives in Culver City, which I now know is a nice neighbourhood close to Santa Monica aka the BEACH.  Also the actual apartment is conveniently close to straightforward public transit and some really good food.

I will detail some LA exploits in picture form but to sum up - it's a weird town, I had some great food, the weather is wonderful and public transit there is pretty good and actually you don't *have* to have a car though it helps.

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