Wednesday, April 5, 2017

1013 Lincoln Place

(Originally written on March 31st 2017 as I rode the subway north out of Brooklyn after saying a final farewell to the apartment)

I want to do a retrospective of my two years living at 1013, what I achieved and learned, fond memories and stand out moments. Unfortunately I'm going to be far too weepy to make it very far through so I'll be writing that when the dust has settled a little. 
But I do want to acknowledge the absolute joy that has been living here with Dan and David. I raved about it and them when I first moved in and none of that initial enthusiasm ever faded. I love them both so much, they've been like brothers to me and I don't think I'll ever find another pair of roommates with whom I'll feel so instantly at home. I'm so fortunate to have found a place to live that could have been custom made just for me, from the skylights to the sunny front steps, the shelves of books and boxes of records, the prolifery of ice cream in the immediate vincinity, the tree-lined greenway and above all the people.

I live somewhere else for now, but I'll be back for you Brooklyn.

To Dan and David, with eternal thanks, and eternal coffees, pancakes, peanut butter straight from the jar, cheeseburgers, chicken sounds, weird amorphous dance moves and true friendship.

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