Sunday, March 5, 2017

Transcendental: a tale of special effects (back dated Mon Feb 27th)

Yesterday I had the privilege and pleasure of dancing in a music video for The Space Merchants, a psych-rock outfit from Brooklyn with a song called Reavers, which is a reference to one of my absolute favourite TV series Firefly so I knew I was in good company.
This video was for their song Transcendental and was directed by David Guggino, who teaches a contemporary class at Steps that I've taken before. He contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I wanted to dance in a video - very improv-heavy, throwing powder and blood on the ba-YES YES I WILL DO THAT I WANT TO IMPROVISE AND THROW THINGS!

The shoot was at a house in Greenpoint that's in the process of being renovated. It's been mostly gutted except for a kitchen and bathroom, making it a perfect set. I arrived at 10 to be transformed Mad Max style into a dope post-apocalyptic witch along with the other three dancers. The wardrobe ladies built our costumes on us through clever draping and pinning. Griff made us all look like shadow demons. It was so beautiful outside that we were costumed out on the deck behind the house. There was a generous spread of bagels, coffee, fruit, snacks and later pizza and salad.
I had SUCH a good time combining so many of my favourite things into one project. Homemade, spontaneous costumes, fantastical creatures, weird genre-defying improv dance, acting, rock music, fun people and making a HUGE mess I mean like really
The last two shots of the day were a riot - 'dance and throw powder' 'put powder on the band' 'dance and smear fake blood on each other - more blood, more blood' and finally 'smear blood on the band's faces'
I mean come on how fun is that
Needless to say I ended the day pretty unrecognisable. I am not precious about tossing and smearing coloured powder and fake blood on my already charcoal-covered face.
I look forward to seeing the finished product whenever that may be and had an all around awesome time dancing and hanging out with The Space Merchants, dancers and crew. Rock n roll.

Pictures forthcoming

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