Saturday, March 11, 2017

L-R: Rita, Shan, Jordan, Yours Truly, Steve, Heidi, Steven and Branden

Pretty sweet crew.  As individually and uniquely talented as they are fun to be around.  Not pictured, our fearless leader Kendra but it's ok I named a tattoo after her.

The show has been a joy so far.  Fun, different every time, a wonderful exercise in trust and commitment.

As I may have mentioned I'm really enjoying my fake tattoos.

Comments have ranged from 'you totally pull them off' to 'you do look a bit like a junkie' and the latest - my favourite - 'Tessa I was just looking at you and thinking "she could have a knife." And it's cool.'

I do feel very at home with them - like when my hair changes colour, they make me feel more myself. That's pretty cool.

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