Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Muppet takes Manhattan (probably)

So normally my post-show blues would be acute...weirdly both shows I've done so far with Linked have coincided with fairly big things so the post-show hasn't a chance to take hold. Last time we closed on election night so there were...other things on everyone's mind the next few days. And this time, we closed - and I am moving in ten days.
The practicalities of it will be fine, I do not fear moving. I already packed up half my room, got rid of lots of junk and planned to jettison some furniture. I almost 100% have a place to live - a room offered to me by a castmate, back in my old hood in upper Manhattan, cheaper than I'll find anywhere (everyone's reaction to the price has been one of disbelief) and with the possibility of inheriting useful furniture from her. So hopefully that all works out. If not I'll put some stuff in a storage unit or at someone's place, and crash with Lauren/Ali/Natalia/whosoever will take me for a little bit while I find something solid. I know of other rooms available I just like the convenience of the castmate offer.
I'm not freaked out at the prospect of being a bit transient for a while - in fact it feels the right thing for me for the moment.
I'll be honest its been a tough start to the year. I started with a breakup, found myself really short on work hours and subsequently super skint, powered through so many auditions and the accompanying mental battles to stay in the game and not get caught up in what I could have done differently (answer: nothing, I've been doing a consistently great job), started dealing with visa renewal and the inevitable rocketing stress levels and then learned that Dan who has been nothing if not a brother to me would be moving out which meant I'd also be losing the other brother in the family, David, due to lease complications. 
Like...that's quite a lot, in under three months. I had Freaks Don't Cry thankfully to hold onto as an oasis of fulfilment and excellent company, and some amazing bonuses like visits from both of my oldest close friends within a month of each other.  Friends are always wonderful and there have been some birthdays and occasions to enjoy throughout. Buuuuut, it's still a lot.  Hence, the notion of a big transition is pretty welcome and will be a good opportunity for a shake up and clear out.  De-junking is always satisfying.
I'm attempting to run 5k every day that I can for the next couple of weeks, just because...well because I've done it two days in a row now and I want to see how long I can keep it up.  We got great weather today which helped but there is always the treadmill at work.  For now though, sleep!

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