Sunday, March 26, 2017

You better BELIEVE we know the Muffin Man

Jacob and I made strawberry white chocolate muffins, we also made questionable muffin puns

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Muppet takes Manhattan (probably)

So normally my post-show blues would be acute...weirdly both shows I've done so far with Linked have coincided with fairly big things so the post-show hasn't a chance to take hold. Last time we closed on election night so there were...other things on everyone's mind the next few days. And this time, we closed - and I am moving in ten days.
The practicalities of it will be fine, I do not fear moving. I already packed up half my room, got rid of lots of junk and planned to jettison some furniture. I almost 100% have a place to live - a room offered to me by a castmate, back in my old hood in upper Manhattan, cheaper than I'll find anywhere (everyone's reaction to the price has been one of disbelief) and with the possibility of inheriting useful furniture from her. So hopefully that all works out. If not I'll put some stuff in a storage unit or at someone's place, and crash with Lauren/Ali/Natalia/whosoever will take me for a little bit while I find something solid. I know of other rooms available I just like the convenience of the castmate offer.
I'm not freaked out at the prospect of being a bit transient for a while - in fact it feels the right thing for me for the moment.
I'll be honest its been a tough start to the year. I started with a breakup, found myself really short on work hours and subsequently super skint, powered through so many auditions and the accompanying mental battles to stay in the game and not get caught up in what I could have done differently (answer: nothing, I've been doing a consistently great job), started dealing with visa renewal and the inevitable rocketing stress levels and then learned that Dan who has been nothing if not a brother to me would be moving out which meant I'd also be losing the other brother in the family, David, due to lease complications. 
Like...that's quite a lot, in under three months. I had Freaks Don't Cry thankfully to hold onto as an oasis of fulfilment and excellent company, and some amazing bonuses like visits from both of my oldest close friends within a month of each other.  Friends are always wonderful and there have been some birthdays and occasions to enjoy throughout. Buuuuut, it's still a lot.  Hence, the notion of a big transition is pretty welcome and will be a good opportunity for a shake up and clear out.  De-junking is always satisfying.
I'm attempting to run 5k every day that I can for the next couple of weeks, just because...well because I've done it two days in a row now and I want to see how long I can keep it up.  We got great weather today which helped but there is always the treadmill at work.  For now though, sleep!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Goodbye Gemini

Closing night of Freaks Don't Cry played to an oversold house and we went out with a bang.
Or rather a crunch as dancers walked on a pile of broken glass. It's a Freak Show, guys!

I will really miss Gemini Girl and being tattooed up to the eyeballs. And of course the excellent talents who co-created Freaks Don't Cry. Trying not to be too sad about it.

My roommates came to the show tonight and brought me flowers and afterwards we ate hot dogs and Dan told us interesting stories about low flying helicopters and knife fights in fast food joints. Very full heart at this moment.

Farewell Tattooed Princess may we meet again someday.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

L-R: Rita, Shan, Jordan, Yours Truly, Steve, Heidi, Steven and Branden

Pretty sweet crew.  As individually and uniquely talented as they are fun to be around.  Not pictured, our fearless leader Kendra but it's ok I named a tattoo after her.

The show has been a joy so far.  Fun, different every time, a wonderful exercise in trust and commitment.

As I may have mentioned I'm really enjoying my fake tattoos.

Comments have ranged from 'you totally pull them off' to 'you do look a bit like a junkie' and the latest - my favourite - 'Tessa I was just looking at you and thinking "she could have a knife." And it's cool.'

I do feel very at home with them - like when my hair changes colour, they make me feel more myself. That's pretty cool.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

I'm sorry but I'm so obsessed with my temp ink!

Like all I do is take pictures of myself I just love it so much. Chances of some of this becoming real - currently pretty high
I'm sure that will fade once they do but it's amazing how reasonable a sleeve (and entire leg) of tattoos feels when you've...already got them!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Well, the backup supply arrived after i made short work of the last delivery.

Unfortunately me vs. Buttons - I have zero power in this face off. Absolutely none. They may not last the week. And there were four big bags. Plus Freddos. And a huge Dairy Milk bar.

Ehh, worth it!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A friend aside

A quick post to acknowledge the brilliance that is Alison Blair
She's basically the Queen of Everything, she can do it all and she always looks like a supermodel doing it, here we are wearing cool hats possibly contemplating time travel and taking down mansplainers with our mystic wisdom. She's been a super big support of late and I want it out in the Universe!

True colours

Transcendental: a tale of special effects (back dated Mon Feb 27th)

Yesterday I had the privilege and pleasure of dancing in a music video for The Space Merchants, a psych-rock outfit from Brooklyn with a song called Reavers, which is a reference to one of my absolute favourite TV series Firefly so I knew I was in good company.
This video was for their song Transcendental and was directed by David Guggino, who teaches a contemporary class at Steps that I've taken before. He contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I wanted to dance in a video - very improv-heavy, throwing powder and blood on the ba-YES YES I WILL DO THAT I WANT TO IMPROVISE AND THROW THINGS!

The shoot was at a house in Greenpoint that's in the process of being renovated. It's been mostly gutted except for a kitchen and bathroom, making it a perfect set. I arrived at 10 to be transformed Mad Max style into a dope post-apocalyptic witch along with the other three dancers. The wardrobe ladies built our costumes on us through clever draping and pinning. Griff made us all look like shadow demons. It was so beautiful outside that we were costumed out on the deck behind the house. There was a generous spread of bagels, coffee, fruit, snacks and later pizza and salad.
I had SUCH a good time combining so many of my favourite things into one project. Homemade, spontaneous costumes, fantastical creatures, weird genre-defying improv dance, acting, rock music, fun people and making a HUGE mess I mean like really
The last two shots of the day were a riot - 'dance and throw powder' 'put powder on the band' 'dance and smear fake blood on each other - more blood, more blood' and finally 'smear blood on the band's faces'
I mean come on how fun is that
Needless to say I ended the day pretty unrecognisable. I am not precious about tossing and smearing coloured powder and fake blood on my already charcoal-covered face.
I look forward to seeing the finished product whenever that may be and had an all around awesome time dancing and hanging out with The Space Merchants, dancers and crew. Rock n roll.

Pictures forthcoming