Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pyjamas

I had the first of my visits from England this year, to the tune of THE Ellie Haines and other half the charming Nick Brooke. They were over for a week's holiday and had scheduled me in to a packed agenda. We had dinner Tuesday night at Burger Joint - a no-frills burger bar stashed behind a curtain in a fancy hotel. Points for novelty, atmosphere, price and food - wins all around.
But the real points go to Ellie one of my oldest and dearest friends who proves once again that time and distance are no matter when you're really true friends. We had so much fun talking a million miles an hour (until we had to be asked to leave so they could close, in fact) catching up on all kinds of news and setting the world to rights. Not only were the pair of them great company but she really came through with a bag of presents for me - absolutely spoiled rotten. I got nail varnish, I got a huge supply of Dairy Milk, I got a mini bottle of prosecco, I got a hand mirror from the Globe, face packs and pretty spectacular set of Toy Story pyjamas, because any friend of mine knows how much I LOVE Toy Story! So my pyjama collection now includes Toy Story, Hello Kitty, Moomins...I'm sensing a theme. What an absolute heroine is she! So I was left full to bursting with the kind of warm joy you can only get with that kind of long overdue catch up with important people. Next up, the family Bradley - can't believe I get two besties in such a short span!

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