Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cramp roll models

This title is a pun, it's funnier if you know what a cramp roll is but it's basic tap terminology so you get the gist

Something I've been going to but have failed to blog about thus far is a fantastic tap class taught by Diana Brooks.  She is a former professor at University of Oklahoma and recently moved to New York.  Apparently every tap dancer I've ever met here is a former student of hers and one of them let me know that she would be starting a class in the evenings.  It's affordable, it's at a time that I can actually make and she is a brilliant teacher and all-around super cool lady.  Good to have more gal tap role models - it's too much of a boys club, though as you can see from these pictures there's no reason for it to be other than 'tradition'.  Smash the floor, and the patriarchy

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