Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Best of 2016

I am just realising that I haven't written a 2016 retrospective blog post and I should because so many things happened that deserve recognition and remembrance.

In 2016 I

Jan - Started in Scotland with the Downies!

March - Made a speech in front of and took a picture with Alec Baldwin and the late Sir Peter Shaffer

April - Ran a 10k with a best friend alongside me, turned 26 surrounded by outstanding people

Spent a lot of time in dance studios

May - Had a visit from my fab cousin Em, took in a rare Broadway show

Went to the wonderful wedding of Sam and Val

Learned to swing dance (...ish)

June - Attended a Comic Con and the Mermaid Parade as a promotional costumed character?? That was a weird one

Visited upstate New York for the first time with Daddy, my first mini road trip in the US, a literal wooden cabin, waterfalls and barbecued steak - bliss

Got to act alongside Lauren in a brilliant play by an English writer

July - Saw THE CURE at Madison Square Garden

August - Lived in Red Hook and had a dog and and a cat for a month

Had a visit from my long distance sister from another mister Lola

Found the dance company with whom I feel at home

Created an immersive dance piece in one week with a dear friend

Said a painful goodbye and shared loss with my loved ones

September - Became a voice actor

Went to Puerto Rico, rainforests caves and beaches included

Became a dancer with the Linked family and created a role in an astonishing piece of dance theatre

November - performed in The Unseen

Made and ate some epic Thanksgiving food

December - And an epic lasagna

Made dance videos with Rosie and David in two weeks flat

Said farewell to same Rosie but she conveniently moved to London so more of a see you later

And in amongst all these things I met some new people I now count as solid friends, further deepened some existing friendships, celebrated birthdays and achievements, ran, rode my bike, cooked, wrote, saw movies, found new music and a host of other things that I think are positive contributions to me as a person and I hope the world at large in a karmic sort of way.

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