Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Minor setback

Went to an audition yesterday and due to an unexpected occurrence unrelated to the audition, I took a few steps back from my reinvigorated determination to make 2017 my b-word. (The audition was fairly inconsequential anyway - one of those ones you just go to to put your face out there) But its ok I made a stunning recovery over a Nutella latte and later that same day...

...well I can't do a flash forward since this is a static medium but essentially I packed up my tap shoes and headed to AMDA in hopes of getting a studio to jam for a while. It was not to be - every studio was booked until 11pm. This was frustrating but I'm nothing if not resourceful and due to some great fortune I happen to have round the clock access to a space which is always empty after about 8pm. It's not a dance studio, not does it have a tap friendly floor but you know, all you really need is a flat smooth piece of wood and...what's that I just spotted right outside the very building I'm going into? A wooden pallet with a smooth solid board top? You're coming with me pal.
And that's how you make a personal tap dance space - that and a couple of handily available things to make a plainer background.
Since this was all entirely spontaneous I hadn't necessarily thought through where my board would live surreptitiously out of the way until my next late night jaunt, it was good luck to discover that it fitted perfectly underneath the desk and chair in the corner.
It's not a perfect situation, but for a spur of the moment tap emergency guerilla solution I think it was pretty great. Unfortunately the videos I took have some sound syncing issues, if I can work those out I'll post one. Teeheehee

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