Saturday, January 14, 2017

Glamour Nap

A Glamour Nap is the hottest new trend

That I just invented -

When you're really tired, behind on sleep and you have a little time in your life to catch up, a nap can be rejuvenating and refreshing.
In fact it could be the best thing you do for yourself that day.
Traditionally, naps are taken in pyjamas, in the nearest pair of comfy leggings or tracksuit trousers, the jeans you're already wearing - whatever is convenient. You just catch some shut eye any way you can and wake up shlubby and rumpled


Introducing glamour napping - make your nap the most glamourous part of the day!
Instead of grabbing a baggy jumper and sticking your hair in a scruffy ponytail why not plan a comfortable yet coordinated outfit in muted tones and pin your hair back in a simple yet elegant style? Add some gold earrings and a full face of makeup and you're ready to nap!

Of course I'm kidding. I do like this glamour nap idea though. It came about by accident - I went to an audition this morning, was fully hair and makeupped by 10am, waited an hour and a half and was promptly typed out (where they look at everyone's headshot and resume and decide to keep some people based only on that and cut everyone else). It's a good and efficient system cos it saves them having to watch everyone dance when they already know who they won't want to keep based on height, look etc. So I came back home, via a quick grocery shop, and here I am with an afternoon I kept determinedly free for rest purposes and also a full face of makeup. I took time carefully applying it to my face this morning and it seemed a shame to waste it so I'm really leaning into it!

Glamour Napping. Its gonna be HUGE.

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