Thursday, January 19, 2017

Still surprising (Thursday Jan 19th)

I had a bad day yesterday. It was bad until about 7.30pm when I got a phone call...or I should say that my roommate Dan got a phone call...that made it pretty darn awesome.

It was just kind of a blah day...I had some time that ended up getting wasted, I was really tired, too many annoyingly sized gaps in the timetable. And then I lost my purse. I realised that it was missing somewhere along my subway journey but had no clue how long ago or where I had misplaced it. Facepalm. Eejit. After freaking out I raced home to cancel cards etc, resigned to the inconvenience but aware that it was my own silly fault. So a pretty melancholy evening, until Dan came out of his room on the phone, and asked me 'do you want to talk to the guy who has your wallet?'
And yes I did, very much! As luck would have it, I'd left a business card of Dan's in there which has his number on the back. So this conscientious person had (in addition to looking me up and calling a gym I also had a card from, I later learned) had tried the number on the off chance that Daniel W Piccoli was someone I knew. I talked to him for a few minutes, thanking him effusively, and we arranged to meet at Indian Road Cafe on 218th st at the very top of Manhattan, near his home.
My purse hero is a gentleman of mature years who works as a freelance theatrical photographer, mostly shooting for the Metropolitan Opera and the like. So we had a certain amount of crossover in our worlds. He was a kind and fascinating man and I enjoyed spending an hour discussing over coffee the ways in which the theatre world has changed since he began photography, the state of Manhattan property values, smartphones and tap dance.

I lost my wallet, which sucked and was terrible and stupid on my part. But from it came this great story and a new friendly acquaintance. For a minute there I thought Madame Universe and her co-conspirator Dame New York had me, but it turns out they were just sending me on a mini life detour for no real reason other than for the experience. Cheers lasses.

Monday, January 16, 2017

One word


Or it might be two words...I actually don't know...acro yoga? I don't know, I do know that it is amazingly fun and freeing, a great exercise in trust and makes you feel like a superhero. New thing!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Glamour Nap

A Glamour Nap is the hottest new trend

That I just invented -

When you're really tired, behind on sleep and you have a little time in your life to catch up, a nap can be rejuvenating and refreshing.
In fact it could be the best thing you do for yourself that day.
Traditionally, naps are taken in pyjamas, in the nearest pair of comfy leggings or tracksuit trousers, the jeans you're already wearing - whatever is convenient. You just catch some shut eye any way you can and wake up shlubby and rumpled


Introducing glamour napping - make your nap the most glamourous part of the day!
Instead of grabbing a baggy jumper and sticking your hair in a scruffy ponytail why not plan a comfortable yet coordinated outfit in muted tones and pin your hair back in a simple yet elegant style? Add some gold earrings and a full face of makeup and you're ready to nap!

Of course I'm kidding. I do like this glamour nap idea though. It came about by accident - I went to an audition this morning, was fully hair and makeupped by 10am, waited an hour and a half and was promptly typed out (where they look at everyone's headshot and resume and decide to keep some people based only on that and cut everyone else). It's a good and efficient system cos it saves them having to watch everyone dance when they already know who they won't want to keep based on height, look etc. So I came back home, via a quick grocery shop, and here I am with an afternoon I kept determinedly free for rest purposes and also a full face of makeup. I took time carefully applying it to my face this morning and it seemed a shame to waste it so I'm really leaning into it!

Glamour Napping. Its gonna be HUGE.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Minor setback

Went to an audition yesterday and due to an unexpected occurrence unrelated to the audition, I took a few steps back from my reinvigorated determination to make 2017 my b-word. (The audition was fairly inconsequential anyway - one of those ones you just go to to put your face out there) But its ok I made a stunning recovery over a Nutella latte and later that same day...

...well I can't do a flash forward since this is a static medium but essentially I packed up my tap shoes and headed to AMDA in hopes of getting a studio to jam for a while. It was not to be - every studio was booked until 11pm. This was frustrating but I'm nothing if not resourceful and due to some great fortune I happen to have round the clock access to a space which is always empty after about 8pm. It's not a dance studio, not does it have a tap friendly floor but you know, all you really need is a flat smooth piece of wood and...what's that I just spotted right outside the very building I'm going into? A wooden pallet with a smooth solid board top? You're coming with me pal.
And that's how you make a personal tap dance space - that and a couple of handily available things to make a plainer background.
Since this was all entirely spontaneous I hadn't necessarily thought through where my board would live surreptitiously out of the way until my next late night jaunt, it was good luck to discover that it fitted perfectly underneath the desk and chair in the corner.
It's not a perfect situation, but for a spur of the moment tap emergency guerilla solution I think it was pretty great. Unfortunately the videos I took have some sound syncing issues, if I can work those out I'll post one. Teeheehee

Monday, January 9, 2017

Back with a BANG

Hi Blog
I'm sorry I neglected you for so long
But what can I say? I was being such a cliche
Getting sentimental which exponentially builds up resentment cos eventually it just gets in the way
But something had to give and now I think its given cos I feel my blood pumping hard reminding me to live in
The best way I know how
Test me come on now
Made a few adjustments now I'm spoiling for a throwdown
My head is in the clouds but my eye's on the horizon
I speak a little louder and think a little wiser
This kind of growing feeling
Its a little scary but not as scary as the thought of it being temporary I wanna do what I can with the gifts that I have make it clear that I'm glad to be built as I am if you kind of agree with
This philosophy then join me
Happy Twenty Seventeen

That's a rap
It's not that clear how it works rhythmically
But it does I promise, I've been doing it on the train all the home from


Which is a new thing I did today. I want to do new things and I don't want to be discouraged when others around me don't want to do those things. That's a fix from last year. I don't make New Year's resolutions but I keep an eye on how I'm doing and I try to fix stuff. But all year long. But this check in has coincided with the change in calendar year so.

So I went to handstand class and after just one learned a lot and I feel super strong and stretchy. I did like six different valuable life tasks today so its been a high energy day. Audition season kicks off for me tomorrow. I had a great time at the weekend with my pal Jacob watching our friend Charles in a great new puppet musical about America's relationship with China  (think inanimate objects coming to life to jubilantly sing and dance that they are all 'Made In China' - a plunger, a phone, a handgun - satire and pathos in equal measure).
I'm VEEERY excited about a certain meet up I had with one Kendra Slack last week re: a new project. I don't want to go too much into it yet cos it is in its infancy BUT I was asked how I feel about some new hair colours. The answer, if there was any doubt, is very good. I feel very good about those.

I also wrote like three raps since Friday
..I've been listening to a lot of Kate Tempest, she's a genius. And a lot of Elbow. Both lyric heavy artists. Go figure.

It's sub-zero and snow is on the ground, which makes it time for hot chocolate now that I'm back in my cosy house. May this surge of superpower continue! Who knew that being upside down for an hour and a half could give you such a high

Well...I suppose we did know that actually. Still! Peeeaaacexxx