Monday, November 21, 2016


It's cold today! After two weeks of 16 degree weather it's suddenly in the 0-5 range. Arp.  I spent the evening baking things that didn't necessarily need baking so I could keep the oven on and stand near it.  Cracking apple crumble though.

Other warm things include dopey retrievers

Catch ups with friends

Breakfast foods at 5pm 

Going to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (with cake)
and being really cool by taking pictures with Eddie Redmayne cardboard cutouts wearing matching Harry Potter paraphernalia necklaces

It's Thanksgiving on Thursday which essentially means day off, excuse to bake. 
Generally a quiet week, auditions coming up next week, no clue what's happening in December.  I'd say I'm feeling some of the post-show blues - I know The Unseen has been finished for a while but with all the election furore my PSB got delayed.  When you wrap a show that really set a fire in you, you miss the work and the fulfillment and the people.  So thank goodness for PSB - no PSB means it was probably not worth doing.  

And that's what they call perspective! 
Eating more crumble and doing a crossword while the wind and the white nationalists howl outside.
Oh snap!

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