Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Unseen part 2

We have had three performances so far. Unfortunately we've been rained out twice but we have been able to add dates and extend the run - the many benefits of a small cast, self-contained show where the company producers directors and supporters are all tightly intermingled. Also, the benefits of performing in a park - the space is always available to us and it costs zero money!
The three so far have been, from my p.o.v at least, been successful and we've had excellent audience feedback. No technical issues to speak of - or none that anyone but us would know about - and we've even been picking up stragglers: two nights I looked out directly at the audience at appointed moments and noticed new faces that hadn't been there when I initially stared them down at the beginning (during the Seance - I make my appearance in the centre of the circle and walk around the whole circumference making close eye contact with everyone in it. It's really fun to see how different people handle it - some giggle, some hold my gaze earnestly, some look nervous, some smile encouragingly) anyway so one night I looked up and there was a man taking pictures and he must have some very cool pictures because he caught us in tableau with the wind blowing our long skirts, and he found us at the end to ask what we were doing. And last night a man who was walking his dogs almost caused chaos when one of them ran over, obviously curious about the white billowy figures walking down the hill but the man spotted it in time, called his dogs and went to join the audience. It's fun and unpredictable, this site specific lark!
Rained out tonight unfortunately but a productive company meeting to add new dates and have dinner together (on our dirctor's parents, thank you Slack family).

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