Friday, August 19, 2016

What I'll remember

I earned money this week. Essentials are covered with a liiittle left over for an item on my wish list. Top of that list is underbed storage boxes. If I had really good underbed storage boxes, my life would run smoother because I'd have more space and I'd be an oasis of organisation in a world of chaos.
Underbed storage boxes. I can get four for about $13 each - big ones with secure lids and stacking capability. Just imagine!
I'm not going to be getting those boxes because I'm halfway through an almond semifreddo covered in chocolate sauce. Before this semifreddo I had a prosciutto, fig and gorgonzola salad over arugula, and a veal ravioli in tomato cream sauce with pancetta and porcini. Also a lot of bread dipped liberally in olive oil. 
The money earmarked for storage boxes will go on this carb extravaganza. I'm in heaven - Italian food as far as I'm concerned is ambrosia for the gods.
It's not a productive use of my hard earned money. Not pragmatic. But fifty years if I look back and say 'those underbed storage boxes. What a day. What a life' I've gone horribly wrong somewhere.
I'm not going to remember storage boxes but I might remember this delicious meal that I ate on an August Friday evening when I was 26 just because I could.

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