Saturday, August 27, 2016

Viva PR

Me voy escribir en español porque yo quiero mas practicar.  Me voy a Puerto Rico en 6 días!!! Y estoy muy contente y excitado.

Tengo un amigo de Puerto Rico y el esta mi guía turística.    Quiero visitar las playas, El Yunque (la selva tropical) y los pueblos pequeños.

I am going to write in Spanish because I want more practice.  I'm going to Puerto Rico in 6 days!!! And I'm very happy and excited.

I have a friend from Puerto Rico and he is my tour guide.  I want to visit the beaches, El Yunque (the tropical rainforest) and the small towns.

Also today I made really delicious chili with sweet potato, black beans and quinoa, did laundry, rode my bike, read, brainstormed some ideas, cleaned, replied to emails and booked a dance studio for Monday morning.  And I'm about to watch The Crucible (with Daniel Day Lewis and Winona Ryder) for essential research for dance theatre piece.  Productive or what!

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