Sunday, August 21, 2016

Two weekends

Just some nice things I did over my last couple of Saturdays and Sundays. Significant because I haven't had a weekend in New York to myself with no commitments or responsibilities since...err...early June.

Last weekend I took myself out for breakfast and enjoyed a quiet hour listening to a podcast while eating. I spent time at home cleaning and tidying and then a bit of lolling around. In the evening I went to the cinema with Rosi and Jeff to see Captain Fantastic with Viggo Mortensen - I liked it a lot, recommend. We went for a frozen margarita afterwards at a great place with a huge outdoor seating area.

Over the last couple of weeks the daytime temperature has been between 85 and 93 degrees Farenheit although I suspect it was actually much higher in some areas. 

Sunday I met Sam, Val and a friend of theirs from L.A. for brunch and a really nice catch up. We ate near their place and I chose to enjoy the sun and walk most of the way back to mine, crossing the park as I did so. I went home to sit on the sofa eating frozen pineapple (my new sweltering heat snack of choice - trust me it's genius) before cleaning myself out to go and meet Natalia and Lauren for a long overdue catch up over some drinks in a Cuban diner and then on the roof of some guy Naty works with. A very pleasant way to spend time with my friends.

During the week inbetween I worked, babysat, chatted with roommates. Also had the second rehearsal for the podcast play written by mighty Ben Holbrook - it's so much fun and I can't wait to hear them once they've been recorded and sound edited. Love my job. I'm also really excited to start work on an immersive dance theatre piece with a choreographer I've been dying to work with for months, not to mention dancers I'm really happy to be in a cast with. Watch this space, we go up in late October.

So this weekend I had a morning at home doing more cleaning and tidying things before going to watch 'Sinners on a Southbound Bus' also by mighty Ben Holbrook which was selected for the New York Fringe Festival. It, like everything he does, is fantastic. Super cool to see his work being fully produced and viewed by so many people, we are proud.
Then I went home and was joined shortly after by David and we enjoyed some chit chat aroind the kitchen table before retiring for the night.

Today (Sunday) I woke up unexpectedly early and got going with all kinds of things. Scheduling my life for the next two weeks, working in dance classes and studio space around work and rehearsals. I ticked a few things off my to-do list the biggest of which was 'retrieve my bike'. I chose - perhaps a little unwisely - to run to Sam's. I should say I haven't done a long run since about mid-June so I was a bit apprehensive. Full disclosure I didn't run the full way - I took a walk break. In fairness it was about 90 Fahrenheit and its nearly 6 miles. But I arrived at his front door running. I hung out with Bobby and Bitbit for a little while, both because I miss them and to catch my breath/cool off before finally rescuing Frances and heading back across Brooklyn.
After a quick clean up and turnaround I'm now on my way to Anel's house because she decided, unprompted, not long ago to cook brunch for a group of friends. Thanks Anel!
After that I will head to the first rehearsal for the new dance project - I'm really looking forward to being in a room with this group of people for the first time.
I'm out!

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