Friday, June 17, 2016

June is busting out all over

Already it's a whirlwind - a pretty good one but still.

Last weekend we got the band back together to shoot some promotional footage for I Could Never Love Anyone - see below a bunch of original cast and crew, some of the greatest people I've met in the last couple of years are in this picture.  We had almost too much fun - we haven't all been in a room together since February and it really made my heart soar to be enjoying the silly jokes and general piss taking in between takes.

Tomorrow I'm doing the same as I did last Sat - that is, street-teaming for a weird and wacky musical featuring purple-haired, green-attired space babes - except this week it's at the MERMAID PARADE in Coney Island, which means a) I'm going to be very hot all day tomorrow, b) I'll get to be outside at the beach seeing awesome mermaid costumes and c) I'm going to have some odd tan lines.
Last Sat was a good laugh but I was absolutely beat by the end - staying in character in an interactive way in a place that is generally filled with weirdos is really hard work.  I'm hoping tomorrow everyone will just be drunk, which in theory will make them more likely to play along and less hard work for us.

Also tomorrow I see my first ever concert at Madison Square Garden - that's right, THE CURE have landed! So all in all it will be a long day filled with strange people with mad hair!

It's a beautiful day outside and my work is done - I have a rehearsal at 7 for 'Cool', which is being performed in the Choreographer's Canvas July 17th and 18th.

Other big news is, Lola is back in town! She's here from Mexico for about 6 weeks doing a course, staying in our old apartment with Jacob and generally adding to the whirlwind fun that is summer so far.  She just got in early this morning and I won't have a chance to see her til maybe Sunday or Monday, and I can't wait for a proper in-person catch up.

I'm writing this from a great coffee shop called Grounded, in the west village.  It's filled with greenery and has a skylight, and I had a really delicious cheese and apple sandwich.  Taking as much relaxation time as I can today because tomorrow is going to be a heavy one.  Good times.

I'm about to write a totally separate, less upbeat post addressing some thoughts and feelings about that which is far bigger than my little life.

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