Friday, June 17, 2016

Bird Gehrls Go To Heaven

This very beautiful song by Antony and the Johnsons feels to me like the right kind of song to pay tribute to the terrible, pointlessly tragic events of the past week on planet Earth.

 Not least because Anhoni, formerly Antony Hegarty, is both British (born in Chichester) and American as well as being a transgender pioneer and boundary breaker.
And because it's a sad song with space for hope.

Far more intelligent people than I have written about the Orlando mass shooting and about the murder of Jo Cox so I don't want to regurgitate thoughts that won't become more profound with repetition. But I believe in the solace of putting it out in the Universe and expressing any kind of solidarity.

This week I was dog sitting in the West Village and I stopped on the street for the Orlando vigil happening outside Stonewall - where the LGBTQ rights movement in America was born. That whole area has been tense and unfamiliar this week - there is a huge police presence in the lead up to Pride Week, and everyone seems nervous in the streets.

It took me until today to quite swallow what happened in Birstall yesterday. It's a new kind of heartache.


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