Wednesday, May 18, 2016

News in brief

Well I keep trying to blog about my epic week last week but technology never cooperates does are the key bullet points though:

- Cousin fun times
- Photography show
- American In Paris
- Shopping
- Wedding
- After party
- Ninja Turtles
- Brief smack of violence
- Birthday
- Other birthday
- So much good food
- Out of town guest appearance
and back to reality.

Intrigued? You SHOULD be! It was quite a week and I'm so very lucky to be able to do all that I do and have this much fun and spend time with top quality folks.

I want to do a proper post with pictures when facilities allow but meanwhile a catch up of what's happening in the real world:
- I'm going to be in a dance studio with my friend Rosi on Friday morning and I can't wait, she and I have a good level of dance communication and it's a while since we worked on anything together.
- The mighty Carlos is in town next week on a break from a national tour, and that means we're all getting roped in to do things like swing dance and Shakespeare in the Park.  Ok by me.
- Rehearsal schedules are coming out for two dance pieces, a two-nighter for the 2016 Choreographer's Canvas and a one-nighter for New York Theater Barn, both in July.
- We are planning auditions, venues, donations, artist bios and all manner of things for FTP's Mass Rhetoric New Works Festival featuring five brand new plays plus five shorts.

Massive congratulations are obviously due to the newlyweds Sam and Valorie - no wedding pictures have been sighted yet but I'm keeping an eye out - it was a really lovely wonderful celebration and the bride got suitably pissed.  Good for her.

Longer letter later - I've done this to myself by allowing a backlog to pile up but you see my keyboard is playing up!

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