Saturday, April 2, 2016

Seems like a contradiction...

Here's part of a casting notice I saw for some dance company yesterday.  It is firmly outside the realm of my interest, the kind of notice filled with such a variety of experimental notions that it is hard to tell what exactly they're trying to do.  But I read the whole thing and couldn't contain a snort when I got to the end.  I hope you can spot the ironic turn of phrase.
'Those interested must…
possess strong and versatile physical capabilities and improvisational skills
be willing to explore and utilize the voice as part of the body
feel comfortable contributing material towards LEIMAY creations
have an interest in attending the workshops of LEIMAY guest teachers (teacher practices include butoh akin to Hijikata’s lineage, experimental vocal and theater performance, theater arts akin to the Grotowski tradition)
be comfortable performing nude
Reservation Is Required
Please click here for details.'

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