Sunday, April 10, 2016

Party of one

I mentioned before some words that David shared with me once (that are now written on my mirror in whiteboard pen) - 'only you get to decide who is invited to your party'.  These are words he got from Andrew W.K. an outlandish muti-disciplinary entertainer and musician.

Solid advice for life and for parties.  In the spirit of that I had a spontaneous me party this evening after an audition that I came out of around 8pm.  On my way home I stopped by Butter and Scotch, one of my favourite places in New York - I'm positive I've swooned over it previously, it's the dessert bar with amazing cocktails.  And I think it's further evidence that fate brought me to live here on Lincoln Place because it is a short walk from home.  Anyway I had a slice of pie filled with chocolate mousse and topped with toasted marshmallow, and a cocktail featuring scotch, cream, brown sugar, bitters, egg's a pudding thinly disguised as a cocktail.  I LOVE this bar.
That was the me party I had on the spur of the moment and in a couple of weeks I'll be having a fully fledged Birthday party, I'm very excited because I love to gather all my friends together and devote ourselves to laughter and fun.  Also because it's my birthday noone will be allowed to touch the playlist.  
I'm also really excited about the 10k I will run in the morning - by this point I've done that distance a few times but I've never done any kind of 'official' run and I really think it will be a great way to kick of my 26th year of being alive.  Starting with a sense of achievement and a lot of endorphins makes sense, right?

This week I went to a singer audition which went half well and half not well - I sang the song they had asked for and then they asked me to sing 'just anything I like to sing' and I felt the nerves drop into my stomach and I tensed up so I did not do myself justice.  I was disappointed in that - it's something I need to be more active in addressing because I never think of myself as someone who gets nervous per se (like, I don't get stage fright so why would I be a nervous auditioner) but when I consider it in depth I have been sabotaged by nerves a lot in my life.  Acknowledging it is the first step, people.  Practicing not being nervous in auditions is now on the list.  

I also met with Kendra the lovely choreographer of Swagger which I raved about a few posts back, and had a fulfilling and progressive conversation about our mutual perspectives on the dance world and how we enjoy working.  Then I rented a studio to tap in for an hour - watch this space, so far it's a whole mess of sound but I'm going to wrestle that into pleasing rhythmic patterns.

AND I saw a comedy show with Jacob at the People's Improv Theatre featuring a stand up called Jo Firestone who is very big on the NYC comedy scene, and a sketch comedy group called Bridge and Tunnel.  Being at the PIT gave me a new fervor for throwing myself back in the deep end of unfamiliar waters and I think I'm going to try to get to some open mic stand up nights.  Last year when I was wavering in confidence I did stand up comedy and have never felt more confident.  Sooo......I'll try it again!

Phew I'm wound kind of tightly so I'm typing very fast and this may not all read that cohesively but I'm also about to go to bed because I have studio space tomorrow at 8.30, the best way to start my day.


This is Vicky Paynter, the SIXTH Vanessa Golborn Alum to meet up with me in New York - she was out here with a friend for a holiday right before moving to Dubai (which she did today!!!) for a job. It was really fun to see her and she caught me up with the dance school grapevine and heard about some of the weird and wonderful characters in my life.  

Finally - because this post hasn't really had a through line so I'm going to keep it incongruous - here's a thought I had: why is it that when I say 'I love this band/'ve never heard of them?' I'm a huge music snob, but ALL THE TIME people say to me 'Tessa I can't believe you haven't seen *insert movie title*'

I haven't seen a lot of movies alright! I tend to watch favourite things over and over, and in general I don't spend down time watching a movie - I tried recently to watch Pulp Fiction but after the first hour I started feeling antsy to be doing something less passive.  But you can't do engaging things while you watch Pulp Fiction cos you'll miss I turned it off and vowed to finish another day.  Still haven't.  So, my chemical makeup is not amenable to movie watching.  I like to watch films with someone so that I can at least engage with a human while sitting back and just looking at a screen.

I haven't seen The Godfather BUT have you, movie-loving friend or acquaintance, listened to Lissie's entire back catalogue? How do you feel about Aimee Mann? Anohni is coming out with some really amazing brand new stuff, am I right? Are you aware of the work of Lower Dens, Made In Heights, Lord Huron? These aren't crazy underground bands, they're all readily available on Spotify, YouTube etc.
If someone says to me they have never listened to Disintegration by The Cure I don't go 'oh my god where have you been? How have you not heard it?' but my not having seen any Star Wars until January 2016 means I must have been living under a rock - according to the reactions of some people who learn that about me.  It doesn't really matter - of course it's not a big deal who has seen or heard what - but it's a weird double standard that occurred to me earlier this week.
Also books - maybe next time someone asks me why or how I haven't seen a critically acclaimed and universally popular film I'll ask them about...The God of Small Things, maybe? Or 100 Years of Solitude - anything where I can guarantee excellent testimonies from pretty much anyone.  Just to see.

Ok weird thought tangent over, it is sleep time, big hugs and health to all my loved onesxxxxxxxxx

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