Thursday, April 21, 2016

Only want to see you laughing

It has been a tumultuous week, in mostly the best way.

First though let me address the loss of another hero of art and bona fide genius.
Prince is my guilty pleasure who gives me no guilt.  And anyone can say what they like about his persona but not a being alive could deny his virtuosity.
I know everyone's saying it but how can it be David Bowie and Prince in one year?
It's like the Guardian Angels of undefinable weird are being culled.

Not to mention the terrible sadness that so soon after Ronnie Corbett, we also lost Victoria Wood.  All these wonderful warm elements of my youth in particular, walking the earth no more.

While I'm in the philosophical sad zone, I'll go through my grievances.  Rest assured that they are in the grand scheme of things minor and by no means an indication of my general well-being.  But this week I

- Went to an open call for the national tour of 42nd Street (my dear friend Carlos is currently on that tour).  I got cut.  I made it through the first cut though, which is an improvement on last time.  I wish I could say that means I've improved so much as a tapper - I mean I have, but that has nothing to do with why I got kept or cut either time.  It's something that I'll never know beyond my control.

- Lost a jacket...stupid, didn't need to happen.  I'm more frustrated about why I lost it - I was so frazzled on Wednesday that everything got a bit much as I rushed to get to dance class by 1pm, having had nothing to eat and no coffee or tea that day, not enough sleep, not enough time...somewhere in the melee, a jacket got lost.  

- My laptop has suffered some kind of damage and is having problems.  I'm not going to freak out about it - I can manage for now between work laptop and phone.'s a pain, and I wish it hadn't happened this week as other things go wrong.

- I have had not a moment to run.  The week leading up to my 10k and not a moment, until the day before the real thing.  Oyy.

- Had to change birthday plans because so many people aren't available...inevitable but still sad.

- Missed out on seeing one of my favourite musicians, Lissie, on Tuesday - had to work.  Missed out on studio space on Monday - was at 42nd Street from 8.30-2...and got cut anyway so I could have just not gone and been in a dance studio...(terrible way to think so I'm just saying it not really feeling that way)

- Hip pain during ballet class.  Don't want it don't need it, makes me frustrated because it's another reminder of the things I can not and will never be able to do physically.  

- Was generally too tired all week and couldn't quite get on top of everything...when you try to do a lot of things, something ends up falling by the wayside.  For me this week it was eating square meals.  When you don't have time to eat you do NOT feel good.

Ok that's out of the way.  Downers I know but I needed to get them off my chest and now I can relate all the wonderful things since last weekend:

- Last Sat, Lauren and I hit Prospect Park to run 10k and so she could scope the route.  It was a beautiful day, we made decent time and had a really nice time chatting and running.

- Last Sun, I met Maite in the morning at a great pie place called Four and Twenty Blackbirds (geddit?) to enjoy a delicious slice of pie, coffee and catching up.

- Last Sun I also went to a Bernie Sanders rally.  Yeah yeah.  Nobody comment.  I can't vote here anyway but it doesn't mean I can't take an interest and if there's a rally literally down the road why wouldn't I check it out? Also Grizzly Bear (band) played a set at the rally.  I caught the sun a bit.

- Later that day I met friends Ben and Brandon for drinks and food at this place called Catfish, New Orleans-y style menu and drinks.  This meeting was all the sweeter for it's serendipity...I had in fact met someone else at a different bar earlier on.  That someone is a toxic individual who I don't really like to talk about but they happened to say 'come by this bar' and since I was free I thought why not - when I got there I remembered why not, so I got out again as soon as I could and as I was walking home Ben texted me to say 'meeting Brandon at Catfish, join us'.  Catfish happens to be on my way home.  So I thought 'thank you Universe for throwing these excellent people in my path to remind me I don't need to be wasting time with toxic individuals'.  Pretty cool nuh.

- The weather has been beautiful.  The end.

- Charles texted me while I was at the 42nd Street call saying he needed my address so he could send me something.  I don't know what or why but it's a very Charles thing to do that so I can't wait to find out.

- I also ran into wonderful Nico who I haven't seen for ages, also while I was at Pearl Studios for 42nd Street.  More Universe throwing excellent people in my path.

- After I was cut from the audition (which went really well and I'm super proud of everything I did and how I presented myself) I texted Carlos to tell him I would not be travelling the US with him next year.  He sent me some great words of encouragement and comfort, so I may not have booked the job but bloody hell have I got good friends. 

- Came up with a hairstyle that all but disguises my green hair for audition purposes.  Ha!

- Discovered my new favourite ice cream flavour from Blue Marble Ice Cream, it is blueberry.

- Had a brilliant dance session on Tuesday in the lovely Mark Morris Dance Centre.  

- Hung out with Downie on Wednesday, I visit her at work sometimes when I have random gaps in my day that are too small to do anything with.  The chef at Tea and Sympathy made me soup and Downie made me a cuppa.  Sometimes that all you need in a rough week.

Phew! If you took those two lists and kind of alternated between the two, that's sort of a bit how my week felt but first make yourself really tired, take a ballet class and don't have breakfast.

Here's a really amazing thing that happened today: Yael (boss, Yahli Ari and Itamar's mum) made me a Birthday cake! It is a raspberry crumble cake and I had to have it today because they will be celebrating Passover and there is a rule about getting rid of all flour-type things in the house.  So she made it for me and I brought it home when I left today.  How many other people's boss made them a cake today? Lucky me.

I came home to David hanging out and he helped me re-plan Saturday.  I have tomorrow pretty much off so I can clean up everything that I've been scattering behind me as I tore through the week, make some sensible food, get some party snacks in, run and in the evening Lauren and I will be going to bed very early in preparation for our sweeping victory on Sat morning.

My new favourite dance space 

How I made myself look by 8.30am on a Monday morning 

How it feels to make yourself look like this at 8.30am on a Monday morning

I give myself a hard time as a dancer all the time because I don't have endless legs, amazing feet, hip rotation, total flexibility, turnout, blah blah...but I've got some damn muscles and that is enough!

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