Sunday, April 3, 2016

Let the cold winds blow (Sunday 3rd)

And blow they are, it's bloody cold today.  And yesterday it was bloody wet and the day before was bloody hot so honestly what in the name of fuck is anyone supposed to do?
Pretty much this:

I spent three days Mav-sitting - this love, it's strong

Had a bit of a lost weekend.  The apartment where Maverick lives in which I stay when I'm taking care of him is very conducive to playing pretend - it's glamorous in an effortless way, West Village river adjacent location, stunning skyline views, big gold framed mirrors, fur rugs, lots of light, a lofted upstairs level with a dainty spiral staircase, a fridge containing only coconut water and some leftover chicken salad and a freezer containing only bananas and vodka...
It's very Holly Golightly, plus some Carrie Bradshaw.
It makes me want to lounge around in cashmere pyjamas sipping prosecco and gazing thoughtfully out of the window...sadly I haven't recently married a billionaire so I can't actually do those things but I did do a version of that yesterday, replacing cashmere jammies with oversized t-shirt and cut off tracksuit trousers, and instead of prosecco just lots of coffee.  I'm glad I got in some high quality relaxation time - being in someone else's home for a couple of days is a good way to encourage a kind of 'on holiday' mindset which induces actual break-taking not the fake kind where yes I'm at home in my comfy leggings but I'm also anxiously scrolling or incessantly writing to-do lists. 
Oy.  And I love that dog.  Look at him!

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