Sunday, April 24, 2016

Feeling groovy


We got up at 6.45, left the house at 7.30 and were at the start line by 7.50.  
I completed the run in 56 minutes and 12 seconds - a new personal best - and came 74th out of 238 in the women 20-29 group.  I'm so proud of myself.  Lauren also outdid herself.  It drizzled lightly all the way around - ideal running weather.  
We felt preeeetttty good afterwards.  Note my St George's flag tank top.





Lauren and I walked to Catfish, a cajun bar and restaurant a few blocks away.  Our legs protested somewhat.  We met Ali and Ben, two of the greatest people on this earth, and took an outside table.  While we were waiting for shrimp and grits, catfish po' boy sandwiches, French toast and pulled pork, we sipped Bloody Marys and enjoyed the company of this very sweet and cuddly cat who is a common sighting in the back courtyard of Catfish.  I pronounce her Birthday Cat.  Or, Fish.

 We are ourselves into a soporific state and Ali asked me her 'Birthday questions' - she writes down my answers and is going to give them to me on my next birthday.  
Afterwards Lauren and I went home again to crash for a while.


I sat on my front steps with a mimosa and some Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Jacob arrived and he brought me giant bubble sticks and a kite!!!
He joined me on the steps and a man came down the street with a bouquet of flowers, stopped at my house and said he was looking for Tessa - what a WONDERFUL surprise.  Maite arrived soon after looking characteristically fabulous and also bearing flowers.  We had a lovely afternoon party on the steps before going upstairs for some cake.  Maite had to leave for the opening night of In The Heights in which she is performing in Brooklyn.


I didn't take any pictures in the evening it seems.  Which is fine because I was having such a great time.  David bought a ton of top quality Bloody Mary supplies.  I made a bunch of snacky foody things.  Deeply boppers were worn, flower necklaces, star-shaped sunglasses (space beach disco was my theme) .I was joined by Lauren Jacob David and Dan, plus Anel, Kirsten, Joe, Sean, Sam and Val (briefly), Ben, and Brandon.  100% fun, smart, interesting people who are all worth spending time with.  I got complete playlist control - the ultimate birthday gift - and sang duets with Jacob from the Buffy musical episode Once More With Feeling.  I laughed so hard at so many things - this is also a very comedically gifted crowd of people.  I also talked on the phone briefly to my friend Carlos who had a Birthday 3 days ago and was celebrating with his tour friends in Delaware.

I managed to keep the clean up under control so had minimal work to do at the end/the next day.  I ended up going to bed around 4am - so almost a full 24 hours - Birthdays give me crazy stamina.

Now I'm sitting in the sunny window chair having enjoyed cinnamon buns and a coffee, and I'm looking forward to day of total relaxation culminating in a Game of Thrones viewing party.  

I'm deeply grateful for all my good fortune and excellent associates, also for gifts of flowers, cake, bubbles and kite, a voucher for a chocolate fondue at a nice restaurant, heartfelt cards,  English chocolate treats, drinks and brunch.

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