Sunday, February 28, 2016

What a wonderful weekend

Between party shopping, decorating, cleaning while dancing to Rihanna, stuffing my face, watching Point Break on a wall projector at 1am (first with a soundtrack of rapper DMX, then with dialogue) dressing as a mermaid and discussing Buffy with like minded people I didn't really think my weekend coud hold more joy.

I'm delighted that this was not the case.  Today I woke up to a beautiful day and a full house, everyone milling around making coffee and playing video games on the projector, and I hauled myself downstairs to go for a brief but speedy and satisfying run in the wonderful temperature and breeze (I run fast and grin like an imbecile it's pretty great) returned home, took a shower and headed back out to spend the afternoon walking in Prospect Park, for the first time this year! It was of course really busy but it's a wonderful atmosphere to be in.  And I enjoyed some Vietnamese food for late lunch.  Then I came home to play my first ever STREET FIGHTER, a video game that I am now officially addicted's a problem.  And now I'm sitting with David who is officially a year older today, his sister Lisa and girlfriend Kristina watching 80s anime series about a space war that can only be ended with pop music and love.

Street Fighter and Robotech are both because of David and Lisa and I'm forever indebted to them for bringing these wonderful things into my life.  This is an ideal kind of weekend where you do enough stuff to feel busy and happy, and don't do enough stuff to feel relaxed and recharged.

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