Saturday, February 20, 2016

The power and the glory


Yesterday it was 0 today it is 16!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a blue sky, bright sun and a gentle breeze.  I genuinely want to cry a little bit from sheer joy.
I'm in my room with a window open and the day is just drifting in bringing with it the great Spring feelings of fresh possibilities.

I went for a run and it was absolutely euphoric.  I stopped by the Hungry Ghost to say hi to David and his girlfriend Kristina, then walked with them to the subway where they were taking the train home, so I could race them.  I won!

Sometimes a day just comes along where you feel good for no particular reason.  Earlier in the week I had a day where I felt bad for no particular reason so I was due a day like this.  I could just about levitate.

In an hour I'll be off to Queens for the final round of ICNLA.  Last night went really well and hopefully the same again tonight.  I mostly care that people understand the story and therefore the significance of the piece.  Anel, Lauren, Sam and Val all came out to support and Anel kindly said she really appreciated that the piece has something to say with a strong perspective.  Then I told her by the way it's the real story of an addict and her sisters and she said oh, now I want to cry.  Which means, job done!

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