Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My new exercise regime

Goes like this:

I lose my keys somewhere in the apartment and leave in the morning without them
On the way home I stop by the coffee shop where roomie David works to get his keys
I take the train 4 stops home and immediately find my keys in the sofa
He calls me to say hey the keys for the coffee shop are on my keys and I need them to lock up
I grab his keys, my subway card, my keys...for some reason...
I go downstairs in my coat ready to head for the subway
A couple of steps out the door I MAN UP, hang my coat in the porch and START RUNNING
I run 1.68 miles in 12 minutes and deliver the keys with my arms aloft singing Eye of the Tiger

Aaaand from now on David should just leave things places for me to run to the coffee shop.  Like a retriever with a ponytail.

It should be mentioned that when I dropped by before to get his keys he gave me a Nutella coffee and a brownie.  Balance is important.

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