Sunday, February 28, 2016

Life's a BEACH

For David's Leap Year 8th Birthday, we threw a BEACH PARTY

And it was pretty spectacular.  I got to Mermaid up for the first time since I went to the Mermaid Parade 2 years ago, always a joy.  There were grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, inflatable palm trees, buckets and spades and shark ring toss.
On the menu we had lamb chilli, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, artichoke dip, 'sand' which is a pudding concoction with cream cheese, instant vanilla pudding mix, vanilla Oreo cookies and gummy fish (sounds weird tastes great especially from in a bucket) a key lime pie AND a pineapple upside down cake.  Diverse I know but it's our beach we can eat whatever we like!


The preparation was as fun as the party, Dan cooked chilli while Kirsten and I went to Trader Joe's for supplies and Kristina and David went to Target for inflatables, leis, hibiscus print paper plates and other essentials.

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