Wednesday, February 24, 2016

If you need a laugh...

TRUST ME.  You won't regret it.  Well you might if you're in any of these pictures but I've been laughing at them all day.

The Guardian ran an online article about the hardships of being in year 9 which let's just say - really great investigative journalism, revelatory stuff: teenagers aged 13-15 are getting very hormonal and are exposed to a lot of things via the internet and it makes them crazy.  DUH

But the killer element here is that they used a photo of MY GCSE DRAMA CLASS FROM 2005
In which we are not in year 9
Which none of us consented to have put on the internet??
And in which we were rehearsing for - oh the humanity - Animal Farm.  So we do not look remotely cool in any of these images.  We are ACTING...but also we are chickens.
In one of them I am standing on one leg.  Why?
Someone who was in the production but somehow managed to not be in the photos spotted the article and shared it on Facebook to alert the poor idiots who are in it that we are emoting our very hardest all over the interwebs.
This definitely serves me right for being such an attention hog in GCSE drama - because look who is front and centre, and I guarantee that that's no coincidence!

What the actual fuck???
For the low low price of $14.99 I can buy one of these images, of myself, without a watermark to put on a website.

Dying of laughter.

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