Sunday, February 28, 2016

What a wonderful weekend

Between party shopping, decorating, cleaning while dancing to Rihanna, stuffing my face, watching Point Break on a wall projector at 1am (first with a soundtrack of rapper DMX, then with dialogue) dressing as a mermaid and discussing Buffy with like minded people I didn't really think my weekend coud hold more joy.

I'm delighted that this was not the case.  Today I woke up to a beautiful day and a full house, everyone milling around making coffee and playing video games on the projector, and I hauled myself downstairs to go for a brief but speedy and satisfying run in the wonderful temperature and breeze (I run fast and grin like an imbecile it's pretty great) returned home, took a shower and headed back out to spend the afternoon walking in Prospect Park, for the first time this year! It was of course really busy but it's a wonderful atmosphere to be in.  And I enjoyed some Vietnamese food for late lunch.  Then I came home to play my first ever STREET FIGHTER, a video game that I am now officially addicted's a problem.  And now I'm sitting with David who is officially a year older today, his sister Lisa and girlfriend Kristina watching 80s anime series about a space war that can only be ended with pop music and love.

Street Fighter and Robotech are both because of David and Lisa and I'm forever indebted to them for bringing these wonderful things into my life.  This is an ideal kind of weekend where you do enough stuff to feel busy and happy, and don't do enough stuff to feel relaxed and recharged.

Life's a BEACH

For David's Leap Year 8th Birthday, we threw a BEACH PARTY

And it was pretty spectacular.  I got to Mermaid up for the first time since I went to the Mermaid Parade 2 years ago, always a joy.  There were grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, inflatable palm trees, buckets and spades and shark ring toss.
On the menu we had lamb chilli, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, artichoke dip, 'sand' which is a pudding concoction with cream cheese, instant vanilla pudding mix, vanilla Oreo cookies and gummy fish (sounds weird tastes great especially from in a bucket) a key lime pie AND a pineapple upside down cake.  Diverse I know but it's our beach we can eat whatever we like!


The preparation was as fun as the party, Dan cooked chilli while Kirsten and I went to Trader Joe's for supplies and Kristina and David went to Target for inflatables, leis, hibiscus print paper plates and other essentials.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

If you need a laugh...

TRUST ME.  You won't regret it.  Well you might if you're in any of these pictures but I've been laughing at them all day.

The Guardian ran an online article about the hardships of being in year 9 which let's just say - really great investigative journalism, revelatory stuff: teenagers aged 13-15 are getting very hormonal and are exposed to a lot of things via the internet and it makes them crazy.  DUH

But the killer element here is that they used a photo of MY GCSE DRAMA CLASS FROM 2005
In which we are not in year 9
Which none of us consented to have put on the internet??
And in which we were rehearsing for - oh the humanity - Animal Farm.  So we do not look remotely cool in any of these images.  We are ACTING...but also we are chickens.
In one of them I am standing on one leg.  Why?
Someone who was in the production but somehow managed to not be in the photos spotted the article and shared it on Facebook to alert the poor idiots who are in it that we are emoting our very hardest all over the interwebs.
This definitely serves me right for being such an attention hog in GCSE drama - because look who is front and centre, and I guarantee that that's no coincidence!

What the actual fuck???
For the low low price of $14.99 I can buy one of these images, of myself, without a watermark to put on a website.

Dying of laughter.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The power and the glory


Yesterday it was 0 today it is 16!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a blue sky, bright sun and a gentle breeze.  I genuinely want to cry a little bit from sheer joy.
I'm in my room with a window open and the day is just drifting in bringing with it the great Spring feelings of fresh possibilities.

I went for a run and it was absolutely euphoric.  I stopped by the Hungry Ghost to say hi to David and his girlfriend Kristina, then walked with them to the subway where they were taking the train home, so I could race them.  I won!

Sometimes a day just comes along where you feel good for no particular reason.  Earlier in the week I had a day where I felt bad for no particular reason so I was due a day like this.  I could just about levitate.

In an hour I'll be off to Queens for the final round of ICNLA.  Last night went really well and hopefully the same again tonight.  I mostly care that people understand the story and therefore the significance of the piece.  Anel, Lauren, Sam and Val all came out to support and Anel kindly said she really appreciated that the piece has something to say with a strong perspective.  Then I told her by the way it's the real story of an addict and her sisters and she said oh, now I want to cry.  Which means, job done!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My new exercise regime

Goes like this:

I lose my keys somewhere in the apartment and leave in the morning without them
On the way home I stop by the coffee shop where roomie David works to get his keys
I take the train 4 stops home and immediately find my keys in the sofa
He calls me to say hey the keys for the coffee shop are on my keys and I need them to lock up
I grab his keys, my subway card, my keys...for some reason...
I go downstairs in my coat ready to head for the subway
A couple of steps out the door I MAN UP, hang my coat in the porch and START RUNNING
I run 1.68 miles in 12 minutes and deliver the keys with my arms aloft singing Eye of the Tiger

Aaaand from now on David should just leave things places for me to run to the coffee shop.  Like a retriever with a ponytail.

It should be mentioned that when I dropped by before to get his keys he gave me a Nutella coffee and a brownie.  Balance is important.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sub-zero hero

It's SO COLD! -14 at the moment.  During the night it was like -20 something.

And I have an 8-block walk from the subway to dress rehearsal later.....waaaaah.

I'm thrilled however because my Amazon order of cleaning products, hand cream and shampoo has shipped.........................................................

It NEEDS to warm up because I NEED to get out more!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Picture window

Heeeere is a great picture taken by yours truly at rehearsal last week - L-R Amy, Katie, Natasha.

We're in Long Island City, Queens in an industrial building housing a dance studio from which you can see Manhattan, it's a lovely view.

So our workshop performance happens next week and we have invited dress rehearsal on Sunday. 
I'm going to miss this crew so much, we have such a good time at rehearsals. Hopefully I'll get to work with everyone again very soon.

I am off babysitting for two weeks.  They have gone to Israel for family visiting and also Itamar's Bar Mitzvah which was today. I have some thoughts on what to do with my extra free time - aside from doing extra hours for Troy at All Systems Go.  I'm very fortunate that he is keen to give me extra hours if I want them so I'm not abruptly unemployed for two weeks.  I also have hopes of getting in a dance studio to lay down some choreo, though that will depend entirely on the availability of space, as usual.  Likewise time for blogging, for writing, for play reading - in theory! It's been my habit to find myself with extra free time, plan to use it for creative purposes, then some kind of work pops up and I do that instead.  Not this time Tessa, stick to your creative guns! Maybe.

Let's see what else is happening...on Wednesday night Dan made dinner, we had Asian cucumber salad, broccoli with tahini and delicious pan fried pork with this amazing slightly sweet slightly savoury spice rub...nummmmm.  Err also some night last week I came home around 10 after a pretty long day and one roommate hands me a glass of bourbon and the other one hands me a plate of pork and we sat listening to the Velvet Underground.  How lucky am I?

Last Friday Lauren, Natalia and I went to a v. trendy party in Bushwick.  It was a fundraiser for a short film some friends are working on.  Well I only know one of the guys Jon but Lauren knows a couple more of them.  Anyway the fundraiser was in Jon's apartment which happens to be a loft in a converted warehouse which has a stage.  It's essentially a music venue where 7 people live, somehow.  I'm not sure a venue it's really cool though.  They charged $10 admission which got you free beer for the night and they also had a cash bar for wine and spirits, and 6 bands played half hour sets throughout the night with music in between.  It was pretty great and so much fun to have a proper girls night out with non-stop dancing.  We piled into a car home and Lauren and Naty both slept over in my room, 2006 style! Naty had to go to work the next day leaving me to rouse Lauren from her perfectly reasonable sleep because I was hungry...after I'd read several brunch menus to her and poked her a few times she rallied and we headed out to Catfish, a Cajun bar/restaurant a few blocks away.  Where we ate;
Shrimp, crawfish and gruyere omelette with fried potatoes
Pulled pork on a brioche bun with Worcestershire crisps
American biscuits with honey butter and jam
Bread and butter pudding with a whiskey Anglaise
Really, really delicious Bloody Marys.

Oh how we brunched! It was great and we staggered home in the cold to put on slouchy clothes and glue ourselves firmly to the sofa for the next 6 hours - intermittently snoozing, watching Mad Men and yapping.  And chatting with Dan who laughed at us every time he came through the living room.
Great way to spend a Saturday.

Other things happening in the world.....COLD! Holy Bejeebus it is coooold.  The wind is howling outside and it is biting.  Haven't dared step outside yet, spose I'll have to eventually as I need a couple of things from the shop but I don't relish the thought.

Yesterday I had a brief but lovely catch up with my friend Katie Folk, an absolute legend and one of my favourite dancers.  We were at AMDA together and danced together in dance workshop several times, a privilege to me because she's phenomenal and also a gymnast.  I haven't seen her in more than a year because she was on her 6th cruise ship contract and then in Scotland for a while with her Scottish boyfriend.  I love having these kind of friends who I don't get to see often so when I do it feels like a special treat, especially when it's someone as vibrant and fun as Katie.  The same Katie who was in hospital in dire straits a year and a half ago, I blogged about that too.  She's had tons of health problems and you'd never know it from her joie de vivre and generosity to everyone.  Love her.

Well I think I'm spending my quiet Saturday cleaning and organising and other things that put my mind at ease.  How we change when we grow up!
Also listening to some Alabama Shakes, Bill Evans, watching Frasier, cooking a little...just Saturday things.  Ahhhh peace!