Sunday, January 17, 2016

Two weeks in

And what a two weeks.

First and foremost I want to address the two great losses.

David Bowie is directly responsible for most of my favourite frontmen and women from my favourite bands.  Thom Yorke, Shirley Manson, Morrissey, Matt Bellamy, Wayne Coyne, of course Robert Smith, Avey Tare, Florence Welch, Isaac Block, Brandon Flowers, Jonas Bjerre, so many more. These are artists on whom you can see an imprint of David Bowie if you care to look.  He blazed the trail and now I get to love all this wonderful music and for that I'm intensely grateful.  There will only ever be one.  Completely and thankfully inimitable.  He was and shall remain a beacon of light for weird children and adults everywhere.  No greater loss to music since Freddie Mercury (this based on my deep sadness that I'll never see either in the flesh) (and plain common sense)
The songs that have meant the most to me include
Heroes, Always Crashing The Same Car, Art Decade, Modern Love, Cracked Actor, Rock and Roll With Me, Lady Stardust, Five Years and Jean Genie...just for starters.

Alan Rickman has been with me since I was 11, watching Robin Hood Prince of Thieves at the Bradley house laughing at Jess squirm every time her mum Ali made a comment to the effect of 'corrr Alan Rickman yum!' And of course since the first of the Harry Potter films came out, also when I was 11 (as was Harry).  This might sound silly to some but it's significant.  Harry Potter has been with me since I was 7, and because Alan Rickman portrayed Professor Snape with such complete mastery as far as I'm concerned book Snape and film Snape are one and the same.  Everyone to whom the Potter series is beloved and precious is still reeling from how this character turned out, and will always remember how it felt to watch him on the screen in the final moments.  What Alan Rickman did in that role is very meaningful to me and countless others like me.  The quote, from an exchange between Dumbledore and Snape, is
'After all this time?'
And that's how it will be for Potterheads everywhere remembering Alan Rickman.

Well now I've made myself quite melancholy so I may save the rest of the account for tomorrow - thankfully the next installment is all about how full my heart and soul have been for the past couple of days thanks to the great people I get to call friends.  So that's a brighter note.  There's pork and sauerkraut.

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