Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ten Kay Tuesday

I pulled down another 10k in 2 minutes less than last week.  This is good.  If I can maintain that I'll be in good shape for an easyish time of it in April.

Bad juju today...bad energy.  I had to begin my day twice.  I went out to pick up a birthday present for Itamar - 13 today! - and after achieving that simple goal everything sort of went downhill.  Nothing huge but just one of those mornings where minor things feel too big and enough of them make you want to run for cover.  An audition that ended up as a bust left me with the time to begin anew so I went home, changed, unpacked some things, answered some emails, departed for attempt two.  It sort of worked...the things in my day that I knew were going to be frustrating were frustrating because well sometimes life requires us to do things we'd rather not.  But by starting again I was at least able to function with an adjusted perspective.

Lunch is a consistent problem for me.  I can prepare and pack all I want but usually the problem is finding a place to eat.  Like, a physical location.  Summer is a breeze, any bench will do.  Winter is tough for those of us floating constantly between locations.  And noone likes a Tessa who has got to 3pm with no good sustenance since breakfast.  Working on it.

Snow is rapidly depleting thank heavens - it's been mild all week so far which means the streets are very wet but increasingly clear and easy to traverse.  The worst part about New York snow by far is navigating the crossings, where the drains get backed up from all the slush and you're left with  huge puddles of unknown depth surrounded by four foot snow banks where it's been hastily shovelled to clear a pathway to and from the pavement.  So you either take your chances with the puddle or clamber over the snow.  It behooves you to be athletic.

Tomorrow, tap class.  Thursday, ballet.  Friday, rehearsal - in less than a month rehearsals will be no more as the workshop performance is on Feb 19th and 20th.  I'm going to miss them a lot, it's a great group of people to spend a few hours with every weekend.

Bad vibes for me were lifted by my triumphant run, unfortunately a couple of friends were also experiencing them and as far as I know still are so I'll go to bed thinking good thoughts on their behalf.

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