Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow way snow how!


Last year when crazy snow was predicted, but failed to materialise.

Not so this year.

It's being coming down hard for 24 hours without letting up once.  I fortunately didn't have anywhere to be today except a dance class which anyway was cancelled, so I had the privilege of staying at home with Christina (girlfriend of roommate David).  We sat in the window looking out at the world and enjoying our warmth and comfort, while Dan WALKED to his girlfriends and David WALKED home from work.  We're up to about two feet now based on my bedroom windowsill.  I've gone out to shovel the steps and the path 3 times, and pour salt down so hopefully it'll be knee deep in snow again by morning by the bottom layer won't be sheet ice.

I began watching Mad Men today, very good snowy day fare with all the cosy vintage wallpaper and rich art deco and warm colour tones.
Before Dan left this afternoon we had a great long chit chat about this and that, books and music, people we've known.
I also added a LOT of music to my Spotify collection, and listened to as much as I could.
David brought home leftover pastries from work so we ate some of them.  I chatted with Jess, Jacob, Lauren, Sam and Ali.  And I did a little laundry, some reading, some reviewing of choreography.

Lucky me!

It's really, really snowy.  Really really.

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