Sunday, January 31, 2016

No week for the weak


I'm in bed with a cup of tea after a positively grueling week.

Here's the bad, let's get it out of the way:

- I stubbed my right small toe badly and since the initial injury have bumped it maybe 5 times.  It's       never going to heal, is it?
- I lost my great headphones.  In the midst of one of the more ridiculous days I had this week they         just got swooshed away while I tried to juggle things.  So now I have crappy ones from Duane             Reade.
- A dear friend ended her long relationship and that is sad, and I'm sad for her sadness.
- Three other friends wrote to me asking for advice and support so apparently everyone was having a    shaky week
- I dealt with a situation in which I was clearly being taken advantage of whether consciously or           unconsciously, and it was unpleasant to have to address it knowing exactly the reaction I would get.   I dealt with it, and it sucked, but it's better to come out on the other side.
- I had four 3-or-more-job days.  Example: Friday, rehearsal in the am, rush to Chelsea to run errands   for Troy, rush back uptown for babysitting, rush to feed a cat
  PS I'm feeding a cat for a couple of weeks.
- My phone is possessed and randomly takes screenshots and interrupts me to type whatever it               wants...very annoying and slightly alarming
- Worked 7 days

In fact, here is a map of my Friday.  See the key at the side to follow my journey - part 1 is blue, part 2 is red, part 3 yellow etc etc.
1 - Home to rehearsal
2 - Rehearsal to Troy, tasked with picking up some wine
3 - Troy to wine shop
4 - Wine shop to other wine shop
5 - Wine shop back to Troy to bring him the wine I'd picked up
6 - Troy's to babysitting - Yahli's school
7 - Yahli's school to football practice
8 - Football practice to Tribeca to Yahli's friends house
9 - Tribeca to cat
And finally, FINALLY to a bar to meet Anel.  And then home.  Holy jeebus. I genuinely made this pathway through the city in the course of one day. Isn't that absurd??

I also barely had a second to do anything this week so laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning all fell horribly by the wayside.  Meaning I ate less healthily than I would like but without the stuff to bring lunch from home I was at the mercy of whatever babysitting had in the fridge or whatever food establishment was nearest and cheapest.  Oyy.

So it was a long, rough week during which I felt drained, exhausted, burned out.

Here's the good:

- The dear friend's break up was the right thing to do
- My 10K time
- My dance classes
- Rehearsals were great this week especially today
- I babysat Saturday night to help out at Itamar's surprise Birthday sleepover and it was so much fun to gather his friends in the lobby of the building as they arrived, take them all quietly upstairs and see the huge grin on Itamar's face when he answered the door to all his friends lying on the ground (don't ask, they came up with a lot of different plans) shouting SURPRISE.  So sweet.  They had a lot of fun and they are a really nice group of kids but oh my god - eight 12/13 year olds! Madness.  They feel the urge to wallop their friend with a pillow or jump from the sofa to the mattress to land on someone's legs, and there is nothing in their brain that says 'hmm, maybe better not'.  You can see it happen, the sudden desire to be violent and the immediate decision to act on that desire.
I feel a bit like Mr Wilkins from the Jennings series, perpetually perplexed by the whims of schoolboys.  Great kids though.
- Catching up with the effervescent Anel, we had frozen margis and laughed a lot.
- Spending time with Lauren and Isabel on Wednesday evening
- Standing up for myself and also for what is right and fair
- Had a huge clear out and tidy up on Saturday morning, nothing like a newly decluttered room to         declutter the mind.

This week had good and it had bad but mostly it had tired so I am going to SLEEP and I couldn't be more excited!

Happy Birthday Poppaxxxxxx

RIP Sir Terry Wogan

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