Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Year!

It's 2016 yo. A round up of my excellent Christmas in England is due but I'm working from a phone on a train that is underground so I'll save that one for when I'm comfortably at a computer. A brief overview of my first few days back is easy though.
I had a decent flight, I watched two good films in my window seat and enjoyed a really quick and easy ride home on the Long Island Railroad followed by a quick $7 taxi to my house.
I had a rehearsal on Tuesday at noon which was a perfect way to get immediately into the swing of things and of course babysitting is back every afternoon. Yael has busted her knee very badly so I will be fairly full on for a few weeks I think - OK by me, post-hols is a good time to not slack off. We have a new dancer for ICNLA because Matias is going to be the lead in a play and the performance dates conflict. Very glad and proud, it's a shame we lose him, it's great that Eddy Lee was able to replace on short notice and he's fantastic so all is well.
Wednesday I was back to All Systems Go in the morning, nothing new there, followed by a trip to the Upper East Side to check the post at chez Lila - nothing new there either. I mention these as a matter of course, they will probably never elicit any kind of excitement or fulfillment but ASG is good for consistency certainly. More babysitting, caught up with babysitting pal Melinda.
Thursday I really started to feel like I was back and getting things done. I'm back into audition hunting and submissions and I went to ballet in the afternoon - had a really good class in spite of three weeks of idleness and rediscovered some of my jumping power - in terms of playing to your strengths that used to be one of my aces in ballet and I'm determined to get to full heights once again. Not far to go. I really love this teacher Dawn Hillen, she is the ideal teacher for me since she places and emphasis on what works for your body and uses her own real world experience to illustrate how to make adjustments, and she's very good with visualisation tricks to fix posture and balance. Also she makes jokes all the time and I always laugh because she's funny but hardly anyone else does and I wish they would!
Friday was audition submissions, I've got some extremely virtuous food cooked and stored and I went for a short but pretty well-paced run. In the evening I went with roommate David and his friend Joe to see the eye-opening and excellent film The Big Short, highly recommend.
Saturday I stayed in all day and did final bits of unpacking and tidying away and lots of calendar planning and music organising.
For now I'm feeling calm and collected like I have all things under control - I know this won't last so I aim to enjoy it while I can, before I have more things to do.

Today is Sunday, it's nearly 60 farenheit but rainy and I'm on my way to rehearsal. I'm so enjoying my new coat, turquoise boots and tartan scarf, also the homemade lavender candle that Rachel gave me. Tomorrow I'm going to do a couple of days Maverick-sitting - my favourite way to make a bit of extra cash.
Dance class money is officially in my budget now and it's totally doable by avoiding Starbucks and remembering to take lunch with me every day, simple as that. But a bit of extra never hurts!

That's all for now, 5 more stops and I'll be off the train.

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