Thursday, January 28, 2016


I had a wonderful ballet class today, and a wonderful tap class yesterday.
Dawn Hillen is an almighty teacher.  She is constantly making jokes and laughing.  She spoke today about the importance of doing this, in order to 'take it seriously and then let it go' instead of taking it seriously and dwelling on it.  It being a mistake or something you haven't worked out how to fix yet.
She is refreshing in New York - this is the kind of dance teacher I am used to and the best kind.  She is helping me an incredible amount and I look forward to ballet all week and feel great during and after.
Tap with Derek Grant is also both life-affirming and -changing.  He's revered in tap circles.  His class is also the perfect level for me; - hard enough that I'm constantly challenged and my brain and my feet are working hard, but not so hard that I'm left a gibbering mess with no confidence.  It leaves me with a lot to consider and practice and it's really stretching my rhythmic capacities.  I also got a huge boost after class when Derek came out into the hallway where I was taking off my shoes and shook my hand, asked who I was and where I learned to tap.  It's really nice when teachers who see hundreds of students a week take the time to do things like that, and in my hopes and dreams it's the start of an empowering relationship with an inspiring teacher.  (Likewise Dawn Hillen.)

Dance classes ain't cheap in this here town.  But now that I've spent the money on a ten class package it feels like something that has to be done on faith.  I've put it out into the universe, and the means to make it work when I run out of classes will come, just as the means for new character shoes came, and the means for new running shoes came.

In other news for work yesterday I carried a super heavy sound system 8 and a half blocks from the shop back to the gym, and I still can't quite feel my arms.

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