Wednesday, December 16, 2015


A lot happened in the last week - some good some bad. In summary, had an event and suspended a lot of other things to work on event then event was cancelled (not my decision) and the lack of interest in using that time to create something made me lose my faith in some people and art in general for a minute there then I remembered the thing I recently wrote a whole blog about which is not everyone must create all the time and I wish they would but they just don't so that's that and I went to another hockey game Islanders beat the New Jersey Devils 4-0 props to goalie Thomas Greiss it was great I definitely had a hangover the next day it wasn't great I was frustrated multiple times with one of my day jobs but it could always be worse and I had some great rehearsals for I Could Never Love Anyone the contemporary dance piece I'm in which provides me with fulfillment and a lot of fun with my two co-dancers Nicky and Matias also we had a board meeting which made me have a lot of feelings and think I need to do some tough evaluation of some stuff...but not right now because it's right before Christmas and I need to finish my cards!

Oh also I spent Saturday night taking care of Bobby, Lauren came over and we watched the Vicar of Dibley Christmas episodes in bed and I made about 50 cookies. The next day it was nearly 70 degrees farenheit aka tshirt weather. What???

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