Thursday, December 10, 2015

Let's Go Islanders (Friday Dec 4th)

Last night Jacob and I went to our FIRST EVER HOCKEY GAME!
And my first ever major professional team sports event.

New York Islanders beat St Louis Blues 2-1 in a shoot out after the game was tied 1-1 by the time the final buzzer went. Goali Thomas Greiss brought his A game and saved both Blues penalty shots. Because Blues are a bunch of whiny entitled man children who deserve to be taken dooown!

It was so much fun, we had beer and hot dogs and at first we were mostly giggling at our complete naiveté about the whole thing and not knowing what was going on but by the end of the first quarter my inner loud hockey fan had risen from within and I got really invested. It's a pretty spectacular thing to be in a space that large watching players go so fast. I can confirm what I've been told by many that ice hockey is a really fun sport to watch live - think about it, even if it was kind of a shit game with no shots taken or no great saves it's still amazing to watch them skate with so much skill and speed while handling a stick and a puck also at high speed.

No fights broke out...I'm generally not for violence but just once so I'd have the experience I wouldn't mind seeing a hockey fight. After all this sport is kind of famous for fisticuffs.

The feeling of walking out of a stadium at which the home team just pulled off a great victory with a tide of joyous home team fans is pretty great too. Hockey, I am officially on board.

Unrelated - earlier this week I took my first full ballet class in... a while. I'm gonna say maybe 2 years? It was wonderful and I'm happy to say it's all still there - you don't get drilled by Vanessa and Victoria for most of your life and just forget about it. Any situation like this makes me really proud to be a Vanessa girl because as I've said before we are not flashy, we are not commercial, we are not dealing in spectacle it's just good, consistent, solid classical training and it stands the test of time and is responsible for my versatility in styles. I was never born to be a ballerina, don't have the legs feet or build for it, but I understand the technique and requirements inside out and can push to get as close to them as I can anyway.

But also it is now 3 days later and my calves are still burning ow.

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