Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Iiiit's Thanksgiving! The American holiday that originates with the destruction of indigenous peoples but more and more is being reclaimed by everyone who is not ok with celebrating *that* as a day for showing your love and gratitude to those around you.

For me at this point it's just a chance to show off and get accolades for my kitchen skillz.

I am not cooking a full meal this year thank goodness, nor am I hosting in any capacity. I will be going to a 'Friendsgiving' hosted by two of my favourite people the charming and beautiful Alison Blair and Ben Holbrook. Ali is on turkey detail. I'm bringing homemade cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and I'm thinking warm butternut squash and kale salad. Also may attempt something gluten free with pears and chocolate for a coeliac in our midst. I anticipate a warmth- and fun-filled day of relative ease.

Thank goodness cos I am exteeemely tired from a frantic 3 days multi-jobbing, soliciting businesses for donations to FTP event, dance rehearsing and having really fun talks with my talented roommates who have both been roped into playing music/creating video content for the staged reading at our event on the 15th. Fun stuff. I'm writing this as I carry shopping bags full of whipping cream, flour, squash and eggs around the city because the only time I had to shop was in my break between jobs today. Better that than the alternative which is going at 9pm when it will be carnage.

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