Monday, November 2, 2015

Play by Play

This is Autre Ne Veut who I went to see last Monday. His real name is Arthur. He sings with a gravelly falsetto and makes yearning r'nb with dark currents of synth running through the bass, drums and gospelly backing vox.  I'm fully addicted to the song Play by Play. He puts on an awesome live show. As electronic as the music sounds recorded, it's played on stage with live instruments and singers. Props to his excellent band. He also brings it, and has the kind of vocal rasp live where you feel like he might not make a note, but he unfailingly does - it's just one of those freak voices that operates in a unique way.
For now I've run out of bands to go and see so I need to check the latest wave of concert announcement emails that have me on their mailing list.

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