Thursday, October 1, 2015

Think Tank

Last night Fundamental Theatre Project held our first Think Tank table read in quite some time and it was a great success. The play was very interesting, the group of actresses reading was stellar and the attendees were enthusiastic about contributing to the discussion afterwards so the whole evening was really rewarding and we had a great energy in the room.
I so enjoyed being a leader of the evening and felt very confident and happy doing so. I was reading stage directions and I also introduced the play and kicked off the discussion afterwards having made notes throughout and done some of my own prep.  This is the stuff that I'm good at, text analysis and decoding rhetoric devices. 

Our great FTP ladies are from L-R:
Valorie Curry, Alison Blair, Natalia Escobar, Lauren Downie, Carly Menkin, yours truly and Maite Uzal. Not a bad group I think!

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