Thursday, October 1, 2015

Signs I'm growing up

It's the little things that tell you the most.

99% of the time if I want chocolate, I buy a bar of good quality dark chocolate and it lasts at least 3 days.
The other 1% I retain some of my natural chocoholism and get a Kit Kat chunky AND a Bounty and they're gone before I make it home.

I'm comparing options for buying a lightweight rain jacket that will pack up easily.
I gave up my Hello Kitty raincoat. Not completely it's still awesome and fun.

I order my detergent, shower products and household items on Amazon before running out of them.
Instead of running to the nearest corner store at 11pm and overspending on poor value for money.

I'm falling asleep listening to Podcasts instead of sitcoms.
Yeah one of the podcasts is a review of every Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode ever. Some things are right at all ages.

I will actively spend $50 on a pair of great day to day shoes that will last and keep me comfortable.
Because these days I don't have time to spend hours searching for second hand bargains in Buffalo Exchange that may or may not last the month.

I need a lot of caffeinated help the next day if I fall asleep any time past 1am.
I once scorned those who got an incredibly un rock n'roll 8 hours a night.

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