Monday, October 5, 2015

Get into the groove

Or rather establish a good groove and stay in it.

I achieved such a thing over the past few days and for my personal pride want to document it starting last Tuesday.


Got up and rode bike to Sam's to hang out with Bobby for the morning.

Went to babysit.

Watched Lauren perform in a cabaret at Don't Tell Mama in Midtown - was proud


Up early, went to work at All Systems Go (studio assistant for gym/physical therapy type place)


Ran and read stage directions for a Think Tank new play reading

Got drinks with Lauren and Ali


Got up and went to work at All Systems Go

Hurried up to Lila's to do some work for her. Dropped off a dress at dye place that she wants dyed aubergine.

Babysat until late.


Free morning, did some organising, some unexciting things like buying toothpaste and detergent.

Went to bank to sort out a minor issue - learned about credit cards and my options for having one (shudder - don't want one but in US it's a good thing.)

Babysitting cancelled! Surprise

Went home via Trader Joes where I picked up milk, bagels, onions

At home: some cooking and some time spent on the repetitive tasks of submitting for auditions and less repetitive emailing with Sam and Ali re: FTP projects

7pm: go to gym, run 5.5 miles.

Home by 10, cook indulgent pasta for late dinner. Relax and go to bed.

Saturday: up, leisurely coffee and bagel, a little reading.

2pm go and tap with DJ Folk my friend Katie's brother/Carlos' roommate. Awesome 3 hour session, learned a lot

6pm go to Sephora cosmetics mecca, do nails using free samples.

7pm babysit until 10.30.

Home, some cooking prep before bed.

Sunday: up, babysit at 11am.

1.30pm leave babysitting, go home to relax for a couple of hours.


Run 5.5 miles in park.

6.30 meet Lauren for a sandwich

7.30 table read of latest draft 'Tragedy of Recognition' by our own friend and playwright Ben Holbrook. It's a long play.

Home by 12.30. Get prepped for audition next morning. Make pancake mix. Sleep.


Up. Shower. Coffee. Pancakes!

Audition at 11.30am - it's an appointment so no need to go and wait around for hours yay!

Out by 12.30. Go to All Systems Go studio as its nearby and I need a base from which to read emails, do submissions and send Ben my feedback from last night's reading.

Leave at 2.30 to go babysit.

Write this post.

Tonight I'll go to Lila's to work for her for a while then be home I hope by 10.

That's 35 separate things in 6 days and that's without daily conversations, frantic scribbling of notes for creative endeavours, extensive subway reading, cleaning up the kitchen post cook, constant communications in the Fundamental Theatre Project group chat and err online browsing for raincoats, boots and hats.

That's not bad going! There's a rhythm to it but also a discipline. There is less random hanging out with friends in my life these days. This is a good sign that more of what I do is purposeful. Also because of FTP sometimes I'm hanging out with my friends whilst working.  And because my roommates are so fantastic I am not short of great human company. The last few days were the perfect balance of earning money, having fun with friends, working on theatre projects and taking care of myself. It's hard to keep that balance, it's very fragile, so I just wanted to celebrate having done it and fingers crossed it stays for a while before an unpredictable audition/job/circumstance inevitably shakes it up.

Overall feeling very resilient and positive. I think it's the pancakes.

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