Sunday, September 27, 2015

When it's time for a cup of tea

- woke up
- completed a physically strenuous task
- taking a break from a physically strenuous task
- in the middle of a mentally strenuous    task
- completed a mentally strenuous task
- got home
- someone came over
- you went to the supermarket and now have some cake or biscuits
- watching TV
- reading
- talking on the phone/will soon be talking on the phone
- just got out of the bath/shower
- about to get into the bath/shower
- you're chilly
- you're a bit warm
- after a meal
- instead of a meal
- you just got to work
- you're tired and need to wake up
- you're wired and need to calm down
- any instance of any level of tragedy: break ups, deaths, natural disasters, lost favourite hat, lost job, fell down the stairs
- illness (not a substitute for a medical professional in the case of serious conditions)
- in any way incapacitated, broken limbs etc: an extra pair of hands is helpful
- the world is just too much sometimes
- full moon causing ridiculous things to happen
- you'd just quite like a hug but noone is nearby
- you'd just quite like something stronger but don't want to spend the money effort or hangover
- all day low level grumpiness
- the kettle's just boiled
- time to kill
- before going to bed
- anything at all happens
- nothing at all happens
- everything happens all at the same time

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