Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tracking progress

A couple of post run pics from the last week. Officially hit 3.35 miles which took me 37 minutes. The Prospect Park loop is 3.35 miles. Ergo I can run the Prospect Park loop with zero problems! Well actually I'll have to see, there is more uphill in the park so it's probably tougher.
The one issue I'm having is timing. At the moment it's way too hot to run during the day so I've been going after 8pm when it's cooled off a smidgen.  As streetwise and rad as I am I do know not to run through a big park alone in the dark in NYC.  My other option of course is to get up at 5.50am, run from 6-6.30 and then get ready for and begin my day. Not impossible but typically my days end late so early starts would force me to compromise on some valuable sleeping time.  I don't know I'll work it out. Or coerce someone to go with me at night one day. Or force myself to go in the day and just sweat it out.
Anyway continuing to be proud of my progress and mental fortitude!

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